10 Super Powers That Come With Being Knocked Up

baby bumpPregnancy may come with a whole host of unpleasant side effects, but you gotta admit, it kind of makes us seem like super heroes at times too. (Hello? You know Wonder Woman is hiding underneath that baby bump disguise you're wearing.)

For one thing, we're housing a human being for nine months, which is noteworthy enough as it is. But there are plenty of other things that pregnant women probably don't give themselves enough credit for.


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Like these 10 amazing super powers, for example.

  1. Hypnotizing men -- Think about it for a second -- don't you have dudes opening doors and offering to help you out like, 100 times more than before you were preggo? It's like some men are immediately put into a trance at the first glance of a big old belly.
  2. Smelling a rat -- Sometimes literally. Damn. That heightened sense of smell thing is no joke. If anything is going sour in the fridge, we know it before we even enter the kitchen.
  3. Freezing time -- Try this little trick. Head to a bar, order a glass of wine, and watch the entire room stop in their tracks without so much as a hint of a whisper. It works.
  4. Enhanced bodily functions -- You can pee anytime, anywhere. Even if you haven't had enough water.
  5. Superhuman eating strength -- Forget those competitive eating contests. You can down two pints of ice cream in a span of 10 minutes -- without belching afterwards.
  6. Growing in an instant -- By the end of the day, your feet and ankles are twice their original size. You're like the Hulk, or something.
  7. Stretching to the limit -- You know Elasti-girl from The Incredibles? She's got nothin' on how stretched out the skin around your mid-section is.
  8. Becoming invisible -- No, I'm not joking. Yes, you're huge. But you can get away with whatever you want because of your baby bump. Using a non-public restroom, moving to the front of any line, or scoring a restaurant table without a reservation is no problem. Because nobody noticed you doing it.
  9. Reading minds -- Oh yeah, you know what EVERYONE is thinking simply by studying the expression on their face. And if it's not sympathy or joy -- look out!
  10. Superhuman endurance -- The fact that you make it through an entire day without falling to the ground isn't just a super power -- it's a miracle.

What is your favorite pregnancy super power?


Image via SharonaGott/Flickr

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