What Your Baby Name Choice Says About You

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Expectant parents
put so much thought into their baby's name, and how they choose a name says a lot about them. But they usually aren't thinking that. They're usually thinking something like, "He looks like a John," or "I want to honor my grandfather," or "He deserves to have the uniquest name on the planet," or "I like the sound of that name." Usually parents aren't thinking about what the name says about THEM. And, really, it is a whirlpool of subconscious forces that helps decide what name you eventually settle upon. Here's what your choice of baby name says about you.


Classic name. Think: Emily, William, Elizabeth, Jacob. You don't want to rock the boat too much. You have no need for attention, or calling attention to your baby or their name. You are content with your life, who you are, and who your baby is. You probably won't be signing up your toddler for hip-hop classes. You are fond of traditional values. You think saddling your kid with an usual name is ridiculous.

Grandma or Grandpa names such as Beulah, Amos, Gertrude, Eugene. You can be old-fashioned, and you have a sturdy morality and values system. You are not stuffy, but you do follow the rules. You believe in sticking things through and not turning and running when the going gets tough. You have had friends you've known for eons, and your relationships are built to last. You're a hard worker and believe in helping others out. You want to pass these values on to your kids.

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Family name. This is for those of you who give your child your maiden name or name your baby after a relative, yourself , or your spouse. Family obviously means a lot to you. You probably are very close to your family or at least one member of it, but if not, you still honor them in certain ways or long for how it could have been. You hope to create a family that was like yours or how you wish yours could have been. You share many of the traits that those who give Grandma or Grandpa names do.

Made up name/name of your own creation. Examples: Neveah, Blue Ivy, Lisajani, Joeliana. You are creative and probably work in the arts, or at least write creative fiction or poetry or make art or music on the side. You are unique or at least believe you are. You tend to think you're a bit better than other people -- and, hey, maybe you are! You read GOOP.

Narcissistic names (Beautiful, Prince, Awesome, Major, etc.) You may have become pregnant late in life or overcame odds to conceive and are truly grateful for your little miracle. Hey, Miracle is a fine name! You may have grown up an only child and therefore feel that your child will be your everything since you don't have siblings and a large family. You can be lonely and sad sometimes. You are not super social. You can't wait for your child, who will be your life.

Unisex name. Randy, Bailey, Casey, Harper, Tyler and the like all work for girl and boy babies. If you go with this type of name, you likely believe in equality. You don't like frills. You believe if you want to get something done right, do it yourself. You are independent and self-sufficient. You will love your child, but will discipline her too; you believe that children need boundaries to feel loved and safe.

Hipster name. Examples: Juniper, Luna, Isla, Fallon. You live in a hip city like Brooklyn, Portland, San Francisco, or Austin. If not, you long to live there. You shop organic and plan to make your own baby food. Your kid will go to a satellite school or you might homeschool. Your kid totally won't stop you from seeing Arcade Fire or Grizzly Bear when they come to town -- hell, little Fallon should be introduced to good music as early as possible.

What do you think your kid's name says about you? Do you agree with these?


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