Announcement of Anne Hathaway's Pregnancy Is Made in Insensitive Way

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anne hathawayHey, we hear another celeb might be pregnant! It may be that Anne Hathaway is expecting a baby with husband Adam Schulman. And we know this because Anne's comedian brother, Tom Hathaway, let the news slip during a performance. According to an audience member at Tom's October 30 show in Brooklyn, Tom opened his show saying something along the lines of "My sister got married last year, and now she is about to be a new mom!" Whoops -- spoiler alert, everyone! My sister is knocked up. She probably wanted to announce this herself the usual celeb way, via publicist, once she was safely past the first trimester. But surprise! I'm spilling the beans instead.

OMG, thanks a lot, Tom! It's going to be an awkward Thanksgiving dinner with Anne and Adam this year. Dude, what were you thinking?

Keep in mind, this gossip comes to us via the Sun, which has been known to be wrong about a thing or two. But since Anne's been under the radar lately I wouldn't be surprised if it were true. As for Anne's brother -- oof, did he really do that? Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

There's always that one family member or close friend who just can't keep a secret. Maybe they're just too excited to keep the news to themselves. Maybe they don't understand how important it is that you announce your pregnancy your way. Maybe they weren't listening when you said DON'T TELL ANYONE YET. Most of the time you already know what this knucklehead is likely to do and so you keep your pregnancy a secret from them as well. But that's not always possible.

And anyway, sometimes you share your pregnancy news with someone you shouldn't for the same reason they share your pregnancy news when they shouldn't -- because it's hard to keep a secret.

We'll find out if this rumor about Anne Hathaway's maybe-pregnancy is true soon enough! Hopefully about six months from now we'll be sharing the exciting news that Anne and Adam just welcomed a new baby into their family. Or... you know, maybe not.

Has anyone ever spilled the news that you're pregnant before you were ready to announce it?


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April... AprilJune

This is why I keep pregnancy news under wraps until I am ready for everyone to know. This is bound to happen otherwise!

ds79 ds79

What in the hell is she wearing in this picture??

BlueS... BlueSparrow

Ever think  she asked him to do it?????
@ds79 a bathsuit and some sort of sweat pants.

nonmember avatar Casey

I was really sick while pregnant with my daughter, and in my job I work with a small group of people so anything out of the ordinary is easily noticed. One of the women I worked with noticed that I was getting sick, and quickly started telling everyone. While pregnant with my son, my daughter, who was three at the time, told everyone she was going to be a big sister when I was 11 weeks along. It was so cute that I just told them that she was right.

Lane-... Lane-Moja

Sometimes single, brothers who are not yet parents don't understand the reasoning behind the tradition of waiting until you enter the 2nd trimester. But then again, neither do many moms as they post ultra sound photos of their 4, 6, 8 week pregnancies on social media like facebook.

I waited until I was 4 months to tell my colleagues and friends. Our immediate family knew, but kept the secret.

nonmember avatar MIMOM

I had found out about my second at my "best friend's" house the day of a party. She was having one of those ITWORKS wrap parties and she wanted me to do it. You cannot do that while you are pregnant, so I had to tell her why I couldn't. Well, I specifically told her to keep it to herself because I wanted to wait until 2nd trimester to share. We'd just had a mc about 5 months earlier. NOPE. She went right on and told anyone who we both knew mutually, INCLUDING my mil who was hurt that she didn't know first. I was so pissed, and called her out on it. No apology, nothing. She was supposed to be my BEST friend, not just any friend... I was definitely hers, but she sure as hell wasn't mine. Not as if that was the worst thing she ever did... but it definitely was the beginning of the end of our friendship.

Mary229 Mary229

Unfortunately, yes.  I had only found out myself that morning, and I was at a party being hosted by my mother for friends & family that afternoon.  One of my best girlfriends noticed that I was not drinking anything alcoholic and guessed that I was expecting.  She was too excited to contain herself and began announcing it to everyone, much to my consternation, as I was only 4 weeks along.

Kara Johnson Miller

Yes, I told my brother and immediate family when I was 8 weeks along. He was so excited that he told his best friend, whose mom came up to me at church while I was talking with friends and said, "CONGRATS on your news!!" My friends all looked at me like, "What??" So I had to tell them there that I was expecting baby #2! She felt terrible, but it all ended fine :)

emszoo emszoo

Yes, We told my Mother and MIL when I was about 7 weeks. We asked them not to tell anyone and expressed concern over the skids not finding out until I was further along. My MIL told her entire church (over 100 people) and it was announced in front of skids. I miscarried at 10 weeks then that was announced of course and we had to explain what we didn't want to explain to the skids. When I got pregnant with my son we didnt tell anyone until I was so big I couldn't hide it anymore.

RVTMommy RVTMommy

Dh told his entire family at a party when I was only 4-5 weeks along even after I told him in the car on the way there that I wanted to wait at least a couple months before telling anyone. Thanks dear...

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