20 Most Bizarre Baby Shower Cakes Ever (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Nov 6, 2013 Pregnancy
20 Most Bizarre Baby Shower Cakes Ever (PHOTOS)

baby shower cake Having your baby shower can be a fun -- if slightly overwhelming -- experience. It's a day where the mommy-to-be feels the love of her family and friends rain down upon her. The good wishes for the future of the new little family are given by all and sundry, there are presents, and people drink sugary beverages. It's also usually your friends' chance to show you just how much good taste they've got when it comes to decorations.

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They can also decide that this is the perfect opportunity to remind you that they are, in fact, sick, weird, hilarious monsters. Sure, a nice, normal, boring baby shower cake TASTES good, but why stop there when you can detail a woman's butthole with a chocolate M&M? My thoughts exactly. Here are 20 of the weirdest, grossest, and just plain hilarious baby shower cakes we've ever seen.

Was your baby shower cake gross or great, or maybe some combo of the two?


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