10 Most Bizarre Baby Shower Cakes Ever (PHOTOS)

baby shower cake Having your baby shower can be a fun -- if slightly overwhelming -- experience. It's a day where the mommy-to-be feels the love of her family and friends rain down upon her. The good wishes for the future of the new little family are given by all and sundry, there are presents, and people drink sugary beverages. It's also usually your friends' chance to show you just how much good taste they've got when it comes to decorations.

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They can also decide that this is the perfect opportunity to remind you that they are, in fact, sick, weird, hilarious monsters. Sure, a nice, normal, boring baby shower cake TASTES good, but why stop there when you can detail a woman's butthole with a chocolate M&M? My thoughts exactly. Here are 10 of the weirdest, grossest, and just plain hilarious baby shower cakes we've ever seen.

Was your baby shower cake gross or great, or maybe some combo of the two?


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Cara Antonia Griffin

number 6 (the alien cake) is my sister's shower cake! her and her husband made it. I made their wedding cake but my brother in a law made the topper; it was a zombie bride dragging away a groom - so they are unique.

csmit... csmithatx

Yes, the alien cake was made by my husband and I.  I am a sugar artist (as is my sister- as evidenced above).  He is a huge Aliens fan (as in the movie), plus we are unique in that not only do we like pop culture, but the entire family volunteers at a haunted house that is run by a nonprofit.  We raise thousands of dollars for breast cancer resources.  Those that recognize the movie will get it.  Here is my business link:  https://www.facebook.com/charliescakesandcookies.  At least give me credit.  Everything on that cake is edible.   

mylil... mylilprincesses

I don't understand why someone would want to each a birthing vagina cake? Sure let's eat some birthing vagina cake yum. Lmbo. .Seriously no..

river... river_coal

This was hilarious, thanks for the laugh! :)

nonmember avatar Jade McLeod

And number 7 is an art installation piece by Scott Hove. Not even cake. His art work is designed to show the sharp contrast of icing and things such as fangs, claws, and automatic weapons. Why it is among these cakes without any credit is beyond me.

csmit... csmithatx

Thanks for the link :)  We have had plenty a geek admire our weird little cake.  LOL.  It is actually an older one, so not so proud of the cake craftsmanship as I was the edible alien.  But, hell, I was carrying an alien for goodness sake.  LOL

nonmember avatar M

lol! i'm loving the alien ones. my bf is obsessed with aliens. have a feeling our wedding cake with have something to do with them! as for the one with the ducks, the marshmallow looks like its peeing into the water! and i def would not eat the vagina ones. especially the first one. my stomach turned at the sight of the strawberries!

Polis... PolishMamma2

Those are more Halloween cakes then baby shower cakes!!!

csmom... csmomhelper

Wow. Strange what comes to mind when creating a baby shower cake. Those are down right weird. They'll be the talk of the shower though, LOL!


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