Kendra Wilkinson's Pregnancy Announcement Is Risky Business

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kendra wilkinsonThere are many wonderful ways to share the news that you're expecting a baby. We loved the fun video Jalene and Lincoln Taylor created to announce their pregnancy. And then there's the way Kendra Wilkinson announced her pregnancy. SIGH. She tweeted a photo of her pee stick pregnancy test -- at just over three weeks along. Oh yeah, and it was a sponsored tweet. Is nothing sacred?!?

I guess the tweet was sponsored by Clearblue pregnancy tests, which at least is relevant. Could be worse -- it could be sponsored by Heineken. Keeping it classy! But come on, what's next? A tattoo of her favorite diaper company's logo on your newborn baby's butt?

I just feel like a baby announcement should be granted a little more dignity and respect. This sponsored baby announcement feels tacky. Some things ought to be off limits to advertisers, you know? 

Not to mention -- geez! Three weeks is super early for a pregnancy announcement. Kendra could miscarry, which would be sad for her and super awkward for Clearblue. I know it wouldn't be the pregnancy test's fault... just, ugh. Announcing early AND via sponsored Tweet just seems like an idea someone should have thought through a little more.

I've been hearing a lot (mostly from friends who announce their pregnancies on the early side) that the whole "wait until the first trimester" rule is outdated, and that early pregnancies are more reliable these days. But even if you're feeling confident, I feel like the early announcement is best kept to family and close friends, less for YOUR 2 MILLION TWITTER FOLLOWERS.

But I guess you don't become a Playboy model/reality TV star if you're reticent, cautious, and private. Anyway, I wish Kendra the best for that pregnancy -- especially since the stakes are higher now!

What do you think of sending a sponsored pregnancy announcement?


Image via Kendra Wilkinson/Twitter

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youth... youthfulsoul

 Do you think if she doesn't announce it she's therefore somehow less at risk? Who cares when people want to make their announcement.

nonmember avatar Daisy

Maybe she is farther along. Maybe the pic was taken when she took the test but they waited the "appropriate" amount of time. Whatever that means...

nonmember avatar Emily

She might be farther along than 3 weeks...those pregnancy tests go by "1-2 weeks", "2-3 weeks" and "3+ weeks", meaning 3 or more weeks along.

nonmember avatar Maddie

This entire article was extremely negative and rude. That's probably an old picture because reports of her being pregnant were out almost one month ago saying she was 8 weeks. She may be around 3 months. Just be happy for her instead of being so rude. Gosh.

bills... billsfan1104

What damn business of it is yours when she announces her pregnancy? Just because you say when it is appropriate? Who made you the announcement God??

Hello07 Hello07

Ditto to Emily. She coul be further along.

nonmember avatar Samantha G.

Whoever wrote this story seriously needs to do some investigative journalism, before you wanna write a shit talking article. That clear blue test is actually a new "week tracker" pt it's goes just as previous poster mentioned. I found out I was pregnant recently with it, the test said 3+ weeks went to the dr. And I'm actually 9 weeks so just cause it says one thing doesn't actually mean that's exactly what it could be. I'm no Kendra fan, I just really didn't appreciate the tone of this article very rude!

nonmember avatar Anowscara

If she announces early and, God forbid, miscarried, she just has to say she miscarried. Why do we have to hide miscarriages? That's a time when most people need lots of support anyway

April... AprilJune

I suspect she is further along too. And...when a pregnancy test says 1 week, you're actually already 3 because the 40 weeks starts from the first day of your last period. So, 3 weeks on that, is considered 5 for the purpose of estimating a due date (and the way people generally describe how far along they are). Either way, I do think it's too early to announce, only because I have friends who have announced their pregnancies on facebook, only to have to announce their miscarriages so that people stop asking about their pregnancies. It's awkward, and probably not helpful to the mothers who lost their babies.

japan... japanmommy

I don't understand why not announce it early. Is miscarriage a shameful secret you should be we ever tell anybody? Would it somehow reflect negatively on the person? Would your condolence be somewhere along the lines of "I'm sorry but you shouldn't have announced so I wouldn't have to feel this awkward sadness"? She's happy. Let her be happy and announce it.

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