Best Pregnancy Announcement on the Block Has 'Swagger' (VIDEO)

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taylor babyIt was a struggle for Utah couple Jalene and Lincoln Taylor to conceive a baby. "Infertility is a very difficult, emotional roller coaster," Jalene told Today. "One of the things that helped keep our spirits up was thinking of fun ideas on how to announce our pregnancy when it finally happened." Through fertility treatments Jalene became pregnant this summer only to suffer a miscarriage. But they tried again, and this time: The pregnancy took! It felt like a miracle. But Jalene and Lincoln took more Earth-bound inspiration for their baby announcement. They love the Toyota Swagger Wagon ad, so they made up their own rap to the same beats. Here is their baby announcement video, "Taylor Baby."

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It's pretty close to the original ad -- in an awesome way. A friend shot the video for them, and they recorded the rap in a studio. Not bad! But this isn't about the production values. This is about the swagger.

You wouldn't normally swagger in your baby announcement, but if you've fought your way through fertility issues, I think you've earned yourself the right. Anyway, swagger or no swagger, this is adorable. Someday that baby is going to watch this video and see how fun their parents are. 

What am I saying? I think their kid will already know what fun parents they have before they ever see this video. Jalene and Lincoln are hilarious on screen, so you can imagine what they're like in real life. Still, what a cool gift for their future child. I think the announcement will really bring home how dearly wanted this baby is.

If you could do any kind of video baby announcement, where would you get your inspiration?


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mandi... mandiirae

awww this is so cute!!!!

kjjakjja kjjakjja

Creative. Hilarious. Awesome

Jalene Taylor

Thank you so much! Such kind words. We really appreciate everyone's excitement for us. :)

Kay Haigh

Amazing, having suffered 3 years of infertility before we were blessed i remember that feeling all to well... prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy and a smiley baby when the time comes.xx

MamaC... MamaCass1219

This was AWESOME !! Congratulations :)


nonmember avatar Diane

Congrats on your pregnancy :)

TheQu... TheQueenOfChaos

So awesome! I love it! And congrats to mom and dad on getting your dream come true!

NEMom... NEMommaOf3

SO cute!! Struggling with infertility can be devastating in so many ways, I am thrilled this adorable couple found a fun way to channel their energy and thoughts while waiting for their miracle. This is so fun and infectious!!

Tara Lipke

Congratulations! I see so many cute birth announcements lately, I wish I had thought to do that with my boys! What a great piece of memorabilia for the baby book!

Congratulations to the Taylors, you are wonderful parents already!

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