'Teen Mom' Mackenzie Douthit Risks Her Life for a Baby

Mackenzie Douthit McKeeMackenzie Douthit McKee has been spending a lot of time defending her second pregnancy since news broke just before the Teen Mom 3 star's wedding that she was expecting. Considering she only just turned 19 this month and son Gannon only just turned 2, it seemed awfully fast. And, it turns out, Mackenzie's pregnancy is awfully dangerous!

The reality star is taking her life into her hands by going for baby number two!


The Teen Mom star had told Twitter followers last month that doctors had told her she couldn't have any kids after age 21, but now she's singing a different tune. From the story she told Life & Style, her doctors would have preferred she didn't get pregnant at all, and the dangerous part is far from over. Like her father, Brad, Mackenzie is a diabetic, and she's at risk of slipping into a coma during labor:

My blood sugar could get so low that I pass out -- and won't wake up ... My doctors didn’t want me to go through this again, but really if you look at it in the long run, it’s way better to have kids young while my body’s still somewhat healthier than waiting until I was older.

She certainly has a point about younger bodies being stronger, and I can't fault her for wanting more kids.

But she's bravely opened her story up for the world to ponder, and there's an important question moms who are dealing with health issues like Mackenzie's need to be asking themselves: when is the risk too great? When do you take the kid (or kids) you already have and say, "You know what? That's enough"?

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I hope Mackenzie is fine, that she gets through this pregnancy and has another baby as adorable (and healthy!) as Gannon.

But as she said, there are risks here.

What happens if this pregnancy kills her and then there are two babies with no mom? Or one baby with no mom?

I can't help but think of little Gannon in all of this. He's a 2-year-old who deserves to have his mom around!

Most moms I know will tell you that having kids made them less likely to take risks they would have taken pre-kids ... because they're too worried about not being around for their children. We drive slower. We're wary of getting on airplanes. We're hesitant to do anything of a daredevil nature.

Mackenzie herself is still very young, young enough that she's probably got that feeling of invincibility that infected us all in our teenage years. But it won't last forever.

Hopefully she'll have a healthy baby in February and then she will be DONE. No more pregnancies. No more needless risks.

What have you stopped doing now that you have kids?


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