8 Ways to Milk Your Pregnancy for All It's Worth

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pregnant woman hand on headThere are plenty of really positive things about pregnancy, but by far, one of the best aspects of having a little one on the way has got to be the extra attention, sympathy, and overall fuss you receive from others simply because you're sporting a baby bump.

And since pregnancy is the only time in our lives when we can be a little bit selfish here and there and get away with it, we should take advantages of the perks that come our way as much as we can. Why not, right?

No, you're not a bad person for milking your pregnancy for some extra bonuses. Or at least I don't think it's anything you should be given any grief for.

That being said, here are eight clever ways you can use your pregnancy to get what you want -- or to get out of what you don't want.

  1. Bye-bye speeding ticket -- Yep. Cops are suckers for women with a bun in the oven. (Trust me. I know.) If you happen to get pulled over, give the officer a pathetic look when you roll your window down, and tell him you're about to pee your pants. He'll give you a verbal warning and send you on your way.
  2. You can win ANY argument -- If you get into a heated discussion with someone, all you have to do is break down and cry, and they'll immediately start apologizing and admitting that whatever happened was obviously their fault. No one can resist a crying preggo. No one.
  3. Hello extra sick days at work -- Duh. Your boss doesn't want you barfing all over the office because you can't make it to the bathroom in time. And he/she probably won't dare tell you that you're out of sick days for the year. Who would be that heartless?
  4. You never have to stand -- Forget asking -- you can DEMAND that someone give up their seat on the bus, subway, waiting room, whatever. You're pregnant, for God's sake, which makes your comfort way more important than theirs.
  5. RSVP-ing "no" with zero guilt -- Don't feel like going to your niece's birthday party, the PTA meeting at school, or the neighborhood cookie exchange? Play the exhaustion card. Works every time.
  6. Scoring an upgrade -- No joke -- this just might work. When you settle into your cramped middle seat on the airplane, simply ring the flight attendant call button -- and then tell her you're hot, uncomfortable, and feeling nauseous. Odds are good she'll move you to a row by yourself, or even to first class to avoid having to dispose of an air sickness bag.
  7. Getting a great deal -- A friend of mine insists being preggo helped her get pretty much any type of return or exchange in any stores quickly and without any questions. She also sometimes scored additional discounts for the trouble of having to come back to the store in the first place. Her motto? The bigger the belly and the more kids you have crying around you ... the quicker the service.
  8. Using the restroom anywhere -- You know how many stores say they don't have a public bathroom? They do if you're pregnant. It's worth breaking the rules for the staff if it gets them out of mopping up pee.

How have you used your pregnancy to your advantage?


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Sarah... SarahHall58

I'm pregnant and I don't feel the need to do any of those things.

nonmember avatar csn

Yeah. This is why I can't stand pregnant women.

nonmember avatar tulip

I'm 7 months pregnant with our third baby and never once felt the need to do any of those things. How embarrassing...

Darcy Nestler

I am 5 months pregnant with my 3rd and I would never demand someone give up a seat so I can sit down.  I honestly don't think I would do any of those things, except RSVP no to something because I was too tired (which I have done and was true-two kids, two dogs, full time job, and a husband). 

aeneva aeneva

These are rude and no wonder people dislike pregnant women.  Once I did ask a store employee if they HAD a restroom and she took one look at me and usehered me out back to the employee only one in the store room.  I didn't ASK to use it I only asked if they had one.  If they hadn't I would have waddled next door to the big box store and used theirs.

ACDC_fan ACDC_fan

Yeah, I fucking hate when pregnant women milk it for all it's worth. That's absurd.

Claire Willatt

omg half the women in britain use pregnancy as a meal ticket! Its a bluddty income for some. 

Bobbie Scherzer

I never did any of those things when I was pregnant. I never expected or demanded someone give up their seat for me. I was content standing, especially if I was in class or at work sitting all day.  I used the pregnancy parking once at the mall and felt so guilty about it I never did it again.  Not every woman wants to milk her pregnancy for sympathy.  I was finishing up my degree when I had my first and all I wanted from my professors was to make up my midterm exam if I was in the hospital that week.  They agreed, and one professor even thanked me at the end if the semester for not asking for any special treatment.

Candie Lynn Mays

Honestly I am a high risk. I lost my son at 6 1/2 months and have several complications with my daughter. I am currently 6 1/2 months pregnant and just quit my job a week ago. I have been bleeding for 2-3 months with pressure and a lot of pain while working at a job where we stand for 8-9 hrs a day. You do what you have to do for your family. Now thing is I am married.... my husband quit his job right after we found out I was pregnant leaving me to it all.... He still doesn't have a job and when he talks about getting one it is for his games or cd's and never for his kids or me. So to the men/ women who say they hate pregnant women think twice about judging all of us. Just like with any non pregnant person there are good and bad. Yes there are some who milk it but don't judge before you know the situation because for all you know that women could loose her baby or go into preterm labor because she is high risk but has no other choice but to do what she is doing because no one else will.

Cassie Kilpatrick

I'm sorry but it's disgusting that anyone would actually think it's okay to behave that way just because they are pregnant.

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