7 Celeb Moms Who Drank While They Were Pregnant (PHOTOS)

kate hudson Drinking while pregnant. It's one of those parenting topics more divisive than politics. Some ladies think an occasional glass of wine is perfectly fine while they've got a bun in the oven, while others want to call social services if they see a preggo within a 10-foot radius of a bartender's apron. The twain never shall meet.

With that said, some celebs have outright come out and said that they've had a drink or two while pregnant -- and others have just gotten caught.

Here are 7 celebrities who drank while pregnant.

Image via Splash News

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Marcela Blunck Bowidowicz

This whole not being able to drink while pregnant is a bunch of BS. There are many studies that show that is long as you are drinking small amounts that it's just fine. Having a glass of champagne or wine for dinner isn't going to hurt anyone, but bunge drinking will. Everyone just needs to calm down.

adamat34 adamat34

Agree with Marcella. Also, its a little unfair to include Brooke Mueller in this list, a glass of wine is different than a 5th of vodka and cocaine.

nonmember avatar 201Mommy

^Agreed!! Anything in excess has the potential to harm you during pregnancy (ex: too much sugar, salt, fats, etc.) Having a little alcohol will certainly not hurt you or the baby. Alcohol is metabolized by the liver, so baby really does not get any of what you drink. I am not much of a drinker but with my pregnancy I can honestly say I CRAVE alcohol. And I do mean CRAVE!!! I crave the smell and the taste. Of course I won't be taking tequila shots but I have considered a few sips of a fruity cocktail just to kill the temptation. In my culture it is considered worse for a pregnant women to repress a craving then just give into it. My Ob has said it is ok to have a drink and explained I will be fine. To each their own but mommys to be shouldn't have to worry about indulging a craving!! As if there wasn't enough to worry about during these 9 months!!!

ktobin2 ktobin2

A glass here or there is fine. Doctors have even said that a glass of red wine is good for your baby and in Ireland they drink a little bit of guinness once in the morning and once at night Just a little bit, (like one beer a day) helps with morning sickness.

Adrian O'Brien

I don't... mostly because the closest I come to wine is what my husband calls hard grape juice.  But I'm not convinced that a 1/2 glass of low-alcohol beverages such as wine, beer, and hard lemon-aid is going to cause your baby to come out with fetal alcohol syndrome.  Start downing vodka like a Russian in a drinking bet... yeah, its a bad idea. I think it is something you have to decide for yourself.  Plus.. some women are 1 drink from binge drinking so it depends on the woman.

aygon... aygonzales

The amount of alcohol which can be safely consumed is different for everyone much like it takes varying amounts for different people to become drunk.... There is no way to know what a "safe" amount is for any growing baby or mon so why risk it..... Seems selfish to me


Lilylady Lilylady

Selfish and irresponsible -- there is no "safe" amount of alcohol during pregnancy, so why would you want to take a chance with your precious child's health and well-being????

Daisy329 Daisy329

Yeah I just wouldnt. It's just 9 months...just wait.

nonmember avatar me

I didnt. I dont like wine and downing vodka drinks while pregnant didnt seem like a good idea. I think one glass here ir there is propably fine. But really, why risk it? Lets say it's not the alcohol that hurts the baby, maybe you get little light headed, tumble and because pregnant loose your balance and fall etc.. But yeah, its little unbalanced list, one glass vs vino drinking daily vs rehab...

xomrs... xomrsweaver

Why chance it? I mean seriously, it's only 9 months. 

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