Are You Freaked Out About Weight Gain?

weight gain during pregnancyWeight gain is always a sensitive issue for women, and it often is while pregnant, too. How much, how little, when it starts, and at what rate a woman is gaining are all common concerns. For some pregnant women, watching those numbers climb on the scale is a real source of anxiety -- moms around here are definitely talking about it.


I just read an article about "pregorexia," a term coined for women who've moved beyond being mildly freaked about the weight gain, and are obsessing about diet and exercise while pregnant, putting their health and their baby's at risk. According to the doctor in the piece, if a pregnant mom is so focused on the number on the scale that she's changing her behaviors because of it, that signals a problem.

Super-skinny celebs who somehow manage to stay looking thin while pregnant are supposedly fueling the weight fixation.

I wrote recently about how much weight a woman should gain while pregnant -- if you were a normal weight to begin with, about 25 to 35 pounds is generally what's considered to be a good range (talk to your doctor, of course, about what's right for you.)

What do you think? Are you bothered by images in the media of "thin" pregnant celebs? Or do you tune it all out?

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