25 Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

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Other than the fact that you're growing a child inside your uterus, most of the stuff people talk about in regards to pregnancy is a bit on the negative side. You know, the weight gain, the lack of being able to guzzle back a glass of wine or two each night, the hemorrhoids, morning sickness, and so on and so forth.

But when you step back and think about it for a second, pregnancy is actually pretty freakin' amazeballs -- or at least there are certain parts of it we should probably be celebrating instead of whining and complaining over and over again.

And while I might be a tad biased, because I had a pretty great and easy pregnancy, something tells me every mom has at least a few things she looks back on fondly during the long nine months she surrendered her body to another human being.

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On that note, here are 25 pretty wonderful things about being pregnant.

  1. Nobody looks at you and thinks, "Gee. She's obviously had a few too many good meals lately." When you're preggo, the number going up on the scale is a good thing.
  2. Going to bed at 7 p.m. is perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged.
  3. You're a walking sympathy ad. People can't help but offer you their seat, open your door, help you carry things, etc.
  4. Your boobs get HUGE. And it rocks.
  5. You can eat whatever you want (except the forbidden stuff) whenever you want. I double dog dare anyone to say something to you about it.
  6. You're practically expected to be lazy. Go ahead and put your feet up and read Hollywood trash magazines all day. No one will fault you for it.
  7. Since you keep getting bigger, you have to go shopping all the time for new clothes that fit. Valid excuse to spend money = kick ass.
  8. The special reserved parking spot for pregnant women at the grocery store. Nuff said.
  9. When you call in sick to work, no one will question whether or not you're actually driving the porcelain bus.
  10. 25 amazing things about being pregnantYour husband is extra nice and attentive to you. (And if he's not, you can tell him off without sounding like a bitch.)
  11. People tell you how great you look. All the time.
  12. "I don't feel like it" or "I'm too tired" are totally legit excuses for not working out.
  13. Unless you're really passionate about it, you don't have to work out at all.
  14. You don't have to worry about whether or not your skinny jeans are going to fit after splurging on fast food.
  15. Requesting a foot massage is not only no big deal, it's also a necessity.
  16. You have doctors appointments all the time, which means you get out of work way more often than if you weren't pregnant.
  17. People throw you parties with lots of presents and cake -- and it's not even your birthday.
  18. Your skinny friends don't make you feel like a failure anymore. They're not pregnant, so you win by default.
  19. Flip-flops are considered acceptable footwear for ANY occasion.
  20. You get to wear pants with an elastic waist every single day.
  21. No one will ever accuse you of showing too much cleavage. You can't help it that you've gone up three cup sizes. It's the baby's fault.
  22. You won't have one single hangover for nine months. (Hopefully.)
  23. Your sex drive goes through the roof. (Which I guess could be a blessing or a curse ...)
  24. The first thing people think when they see you is, "Aww! How wonderful!"
  25. Your hair is way more full and gorgeous than it's ever been -- and it's growing like crazy thanks to your prenatal vitamins.

What do you love most about pregnancy?

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B1Bomber B1Bomber

Yeah...not so much.

I've never gotten the types of comments pregnancy "excuses" you from. I hated being pregnant because I could NOT work out, I was constantly puking but couldn't miss work, everyone acts like you're an invalid incapable of doing anything for yourself...the ONLY two positives about pregnancy were no period and I got a baby out of it.

kitta... kittana72

These are great pregnancy positives! As a mom who is 39 weeks pregnant, I can truly appreciate reading this. Made my day! :)

SrkSt... SrkStrickland

Ooo yea! No period :) Good times! I love being pregnant. There is very little that I hate about pregnancy.

IsaQ IsaQ

Edited article header: "20 reasons gaining weight for pregnant women is great, plus 5 others."

femal... femaleMIKE

I enjoyed being pregnant.

nonmember avatar Anon

You shouldn't be eating whatever you want, whenever you want. If you're gaining more than 25-35 pounds during pregnancy, that's not "baby weight," that's fat. For the healthiest baby, you should keep working out (as long as your doc says it's okay) and eating a balanced diet.

ktobin2 ktobin2

Pregnancy shouldn't make women bitchy and fat who think they're entitled to say or do whatever they want. You should try to be HEALTHIER than when you weren't pregnant and that includes mild work outs and eating right, not sitting on your ass all day eating and complaining.

nonmember avatar Samantha

I thought this was funny, i dont understand why nobody here seems to have a sense of humor.

nonmember avatar ThankYou

So glad there are so many other women who feel like I do.. pregnancy for me isn't just an excuse to "eat for two," and be lazy. The only things I can agree with in this are the boobs & the hair. Pregnancy is uncomfortable and annoying, but I still work out five days a week, eat clean & treat my partner with respect, because that's best for me, the baby, and our relationship.

kysma... kysmama08

My favorite thing...having my baby with me all the time and not having to worry about missing her so much :)

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