Kailyn Lowry Drops a Hint About Baby Name That Has Us Dying for More

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kailyn lowryKailyn Lowry is entering the home stretch of her pregnancy. Perfunctory champagne pops all around. By this point, she's probably got her Diaper Genie loaded and ready to go; her nursing bras washed and lined up for action; and her nursery decorated with pink hearts, yellow stars, blue moons, green clovers, and rainbows. She's having a girl (we think). Also, she's going with a Lucky Charms theme (no, she's not).

And now, she's just revealed a hint about baby-to-be's name on, where else, Twitter.



Now, Kailyn hasn't specified whether she's trying to have a popular baby name, or trying to make sure she picks a name that's not popular, but knowing Kailyn like I do, I'm guessing the latter. Not only is the Teen Mom edgy in her own non-edgy kinda way, who the hell looks up a potential baby name to make sure it's popular? That would be weird. Also, don't we all automatically know if a name is pervasive or not? If you're going for a common name, let me save you a little leg work, Kail: Jennifer, Kate, and Emily all should be added to your list. Sorry about the spoiler alert if you wanted to find out on your own from the social security website. I, too, sometimes can't resist a good read from there.

It's only a matter of time before we find out what name Kailyn bestows unto her little one. But my money's on Jennifer, if she's going for popular, and Tulipbottom Lightyear if she's going the path less traveled. No, Lightyear's not Kailyn's last name, but if you're going weird, why not go all out?

How did you come up with your baby's name?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Twitter

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Angela Melton

When I got pregnant with my son Caiden, I had only knew 1 person who had named their child that and I fell in love with it so my husband at the time thought it would be cool to add the I in his name because he didn't like it when I spelled Caden. His name wasn't popular at all in 2006. Now it is. When I got pregnant with my daughter we struggled on a name for her. Finally I was going through a book of baby names and came across Megan, and my husband loved it. So we stuck with it. I was curious to see how popular it was in 2008 so I checked it was 66 out of 100, so I was okay with knowing that my child wouldn't go to school and be in a class with 8 different Megans in her class. That's how I chose my kids names.

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