The Top 3 Baby Girl Names of All Time

smiling babySome of us love a popular name. Others freak out and consider changing baby's name if it makes a popular baby name list. But remember, there's a reason it's so popular. It means it's an awesome name. Though as a Michele, I can't say it felt so awesome having more than three other Micheles (or Michelles) in the same class when I was growing up. It's the very reason I wanted to name my daughter Nova. However, her dad vetoed that idea. His name is Hans and he's American ... from the South. So he grew up with the opposite issue of having an unusual name. We found middle ground in the name Penelope. When Kourtney Kardashian and Tina Fey named their daughters Penelope, I cringed. (Good taste, though, ladies.)

This list of popular girls' names goes back to 1960. Two of the names that were tops decades ago are now sort of rare. But one of them ... most popular. You probably know at least five women with this same name.



My sister's name is Jennifer. I have many, many friends named Jennifer. Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer. One of my friends even wrote a book called The Jennifers about Jennifers. But Mary ... most popular in 1960 ... seems like your daughter might be the only Mary in her class if you gave her that name. Here are the most popular names through the years.

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1960 - 1961 Mary

1962 - 1969 Lisa

1970 - 1984 Jennifer

1985 - 1990 Jessica

1991 - 1992 Ashley

1993 - 1995 Jessica

1996 - 2007 Emily

2008 Emma

2009 - 2011 Isabella

2012 Sophia

Jennifer reigned supreme for 15 years. Emily 12 years. Lisa for 8. Those are the top 3 from these records. And we can't ignore Jessica for being upstaged by Ashley only to return two years later, giving her 9 years in total.

Wow, 15 years of Jennifer being most popular. That's impressive. We've seen more variety in the more recent years with names only staying popular for a year or three. Once a name become popular nowadays, it falls out of favor. Some of the other popular names since 1960 include: Lori, Michelle, Kimberly, Angela, Amanda, Brittany, Samantha, Taylor, Madison, Alexis, Addison, Ava, and Olivia.

Yeah, I know a bunch of girls with those names, too.

Out of these popular names, which ones are your favorite?


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