Kendra Wilkinson Announces Baby #2 News Way Too Early (VIDEO)

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kendra wilkinsonCongratulations are (probably) in order! While the Playmate/reality TV star has yet to confirm the news herself, sources say that 28-year-old Kendra Wilkinson is expecting her second child with husband Hank Baskett. Wilkinson and the 31-year-old former NFL player are already parents to Hank Baskett IV, now 4 years old, but have reportedly been trying for baby #2 "since August." Which means that Kendra is now, supposedly, around eight weeks pregnant

Yay!! And ... yikes?? Not to sound superstitious, but what about that whole "90 days" rule? 

I'm not trying to be negative here -- not at all. It's just that most people follow the old "wait until the end of the first trimester before you tell everybody in the whole world" thing for a reason, which is that anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of all "clinically recognized" pregnancies end in miscarriage, and most miscarriages occur during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy

Now, hopefully Kendra will sail past that 13-week mark with nary a complication -- and odds are, that's exactly how things will go. I just hate to think of how hard it would be to face the public if, god forbid, something should go wrong. I mean, it's hard enough to share that kind of news with your immediate family -- imagine having to announce your loss to every single other person on the planet?? I cringe just thinking about it. And I can't be the only person who feels that way; I assume that fear is the motivating factor for celebs like Adele who hide their pregnancies until the last possible moment. (Well, that fear and the basic human need for privacy.) 

Like I said, I'm sure everything will be just fine for Kendra, at least I hope so. Fingers crossed! While you wait for Wilkinson to make an official announcement (maybe in about four weeks, hint hint?), check out this clip of the mom/model talking about the possibility of more babies recently:

How long did you wait to tell people about your pregnancy?

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Lilit... Lilith.23

With Romeo i didn't know i was pregnant until i was 5 month. :/ but with Joshua-louis i told everybody the moment i knew it! I was overjoyed i didn't think of miscarriage or anything bad, and you shouldnt even do an article like this, its sad and it's mean in my opinion. Let her be happy and tell the world if she wants to.

nonmember avatar Jesse

She was on a reality show about sharing her 90yo boyfriend with two other women. I don't think she has a problem sharing her private life.
And some people do want to be able to talk about it and have the support and sympathy of their friends in the worst case scenario.

adamat34 adamat34

Oh please...she is young and healthy. This is exciting for her dont ruin it. More than likely everything is going to turn out brilliantly.

nonmember avatar katie

I actually thought it was kinda early as well, to be honest. I'm not wishing a MC on her or on anyone, but I have had 2 at 5-6 weeks, a healthy pregnancy, I'm pregnant again (about 6 weeks) and I wont tell anyone until my second tri.

nonmember avatar Christina

You ladies shouldn't be so naive. Its true, many many women experience pregnancy loss and it is much harder to deal with when everyone knows. I've had many friends announce they were pregnant right away and then lose their baby. One woman found out the day she went to find the sex out that she no longer had a heartbeat. All day that day people were posting on her fb congrats, can't wait to find out, etc.... She really wished she had waited longer to tell people.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

With both my boys I told everybody and put it on facebook as soon as I found out. And I found out with both of mine before I even missed my period.

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

I found out right away and told everyone. I'm about six and a half weeks right now so this doesn't make me worried at all *SARCASM* So yeah, thanks for that  >_>

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I'm kinda surprised she even wanted another baby with him. Every time I see her show it looks like they're heading for divorce. But maybe they're in a better place now and this is good news. I certainly hope so if this is true.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Christina: You find out the sex at 20 weeks/5 months. Idk about you, but I couldn't hide mine nearly that long. Not many people can. That's well into the second trimester, and isn't considered a miscarriage at that point, but a still birth. Babies are actually viable at 23-24 weeks nowadays. I feel for your friend, but EVERYONE knows at 5 months.

SrkSt... SrkStrickland

I announced my last pregnancy at 12 weeks after a hearbeat was detected. I miscarried a week later. I REALLY struggled with how to tell people after that. I decided to leave it alone and only explain to the people that asked. That was very hard to do. I really wished I had waited. BUT to each their own. Everyone has to learn things in their own way.

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