Woman Who's Been Pregnant for 13 Years Makes Us Cringe

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baby bumpWow. There are some days when I really think I have my hands full, but one mom in California definitely has me beat as far as having a lot on her plate goes.

Christi Cason just welcomed her 17th baby, and believe it or not -- she and her husband Dave can't wait to conceive again. In fact, she admits that she wouldn't mind having a set of twins the next time around. She and Dave hope to have 20 children all together.

OMG. I know plenty of people are already thinking about their next baby fairly soon after their newborn arrives -- but can you imagine wanting to be pregnant again when you've already done it 17 times?!?

If you do the math, this woman has basically been knocked up for almost 13 years of her life.

Sure, pregnancy is a miracle and it's beautiful and all that good stuff. But there are definitely certain aspects of it that aren't too pleasant -- and that most of us wouldn't want to experience over and over again.

Come to think of it, I can think of 17 pregnancy side effects, consequences, and symptoms I wouldn't want to go through one more time let alone 17 -- no matter how much you paid me.

  1. Hemorrhoids
  2. Heartburn so bad it feels like battery acid
  3. An episiotomy
  4. Gaining 50-plus pounds
  5. Back acne (don't ask)
  6. Cankles
  7. Belly button itch
  8. Giving up booze
  9. Giving up coffee
  10. Insomnia from body aches
  11. Peeing 2,500 times a day
  12. Horrible constipation from not being able to poop because #1 makes it hurt too bad
  13. Emotions so bad they make me throw a plastic cup at a co-worker (What? That never happened.)
  14. Thinning hair that clogs up the drain
  15. A fat, bloated, and puffy face that's almost unrecognizable
  16. Farts that are simply impossible to hold in
  17. Leaky boobs

Would you want to be pregnant 17 times?


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marin... marinewife12

Half of those "symptoms" arent that bad. really you wouldnt want to give up alcohol again? good greif

Hello... HelloSweetie

I wouldn't wanrt this but I find it kind of shitty to post an article downing a woman for her love of pregnancy and having babies. run out of actual topics?

nonmember avatar lilah

This site never has topics just brain belches. Also there is something wrong with anyone that wants this many kids since you can't parent all of them.
She must like babies and toddlers and after that stage they are someone else's problem.

nonmember avatar Beth

I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 9. I'm a firm believer in NFP. I am 32 years old. My oldest will be 14 Oct 31st. and my youngest is 7 months. My husband is a retired marine of 26 years that helps me. Do I get tired? Yes. But my heart tells me this what I want. My husband being blessed with an awesome pension is on board. Now if Lord forbid there would be a medical reason that would not allow me to continue.... I would stop. But I love being a mom, being pregnant and watching our family grow.

Todd Vrancic

Giving up booze and coffee are not, technically speaking, side effects.

Rachel Ackles

Theres not a problem with it if her family can support all of her children without relying on social media.

Fondue Fondue

Wow, I didn't even have to read the by-line to know who wrote this post.  Mary, all of your posts seem to have the same negative tone.

That said, there are some of us who would gladly take all 17 of those side effects, and more, in order to have a baby in our arms.

nonmember avatar Joy

Good for her and her husband. Each one is a blessing and they are not asking anyone else to raise them so why through you negative words in their face. I am prego with baby #6 ( 8,6,4,2 and one girl 1 ) and my husband and I parent each one with God graces. It's aggravating hearing all the negative slander ( think about the damage your words have on people before you open your mouth ) thanx

Well said Beth : )

Sue Childers Lowe

as long as they can afford it and dont ask for welfare its ok i wish i could have had more than 2

cherylam cherylam

I would happily go through every one of those side effects to hold a baby my husband and I made in my arms. Sadly, this miracle will never happen for us.

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