The Most Popular Unisex Baby Names of 2013 So Far

baby namesI have a thing for all things unisex. Except cologne. Clothes. Shoes. Baby names. To me, there's just something inherently cool when something isn't just acceptable for members of opposite sexes, but intended for members of opposite sexes. And it seems like unisex things, particularly baby names, are getting more and more popular by the day. In fact, I bet some names you think are solely meant for boys or girls are actually meant for both. Fun fact: The first Logan I ever met was a girl, and then this summer, I met three adorable toddler boys named Logan. Three!

Anyway, here are the most popular unisex baby names for 2013 so far. Go on, break the stereotypes ...


1. Rowan

2. Quinn

3. Kai

4. Sawyer

5. Avery

6. Charlie

7. North

8. Elliot

9. Finley

10. Emerson

I love all of these names. Especially Quinn. And Kai. And Charlie for a girl. But I'm not gonna lie ... I'm a little surprised Logan isn't on here.

Do you like any of these names? Does your child have a unisex name?


Image via Chris Carroll/Corbis

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