11 Totally Narcissistic Baby Names

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If the next generation is going to have a massive entitlement complex -- blame the parents. For it seems to start right at birth. Once was a time when children were seen and not heard -- but now they are seen, heard, and worshipped. If you're wondering who wears the pants in today's families, check the crib. She's the boss. He's the king. Literally. His name is King. Hers is Boss. I'm not making this up. These are both names that rose in popularity last year. "Narcissistic" baby names are all the rage now. Remember the judge who ordered baby Messiah's name changed? Hardly seems fair given that 811 children were named Messiah last year! Here's some more of the most popular "narcissist" baby names.

1. King

2. Major

3. Princess/Prince

4. Beautiful

5. Awesome

Yes, all of those names actually appear in the Social Security name database -- and not just once or even twice! Experts say that parents now teach that the world revolves around their children -- and pick a name accordingly.

Here's 11 more names I suspect that we might see in the next few years.

1. Kate Middleton. If you're going to name your little girl "Princess" might as well take it one step further. Imagine the royal treatment this tyke will get! Until, you know, people realize she's just a big faker and make fun of her.

2. Selfie. Nothing says "totally self-absorbed" like the selfie and now your precious bundle's name can say it too!

3. Fame Whore. You'd think having "whore" in your child's name might be a disadvantage, but not when you combine it with "Fame." Who doesn't love a fame whore? The Kardashians have made millions off of it.

4. God. Let's just call a spade a spade, shall we?

5. Genius. I can hear it now. "But you can't give my son a D! He's Genius!"

6. Number One. No one will ever be in doubt where this kid stands. Least of all the kid.

7. Best. He's simply the best ... better than allll the rest ... because he came out of myyyy vaaagina!

8. Supreme. No, she is not named after the Diana Ross group! How dare you! My child is a million times more fabulous than that talentless hack!

9. Christmas. Yes, darling, this holiday was named after you. It's all for yoooouuuuu.

10. Walmart. Yes, of course all of those stores are named after you, darling.

11. Life. This is what she is. Life. Without her, there is no ... life. Are you alive? Thank my child. Seriously, folks, when Life is introduced anywhere, people can say, "And now I give you ... Life!"

Have you run across any kids with a "narcissistic" name?


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nonmember avatar Patty

Slow news day? You're trying too hard

Einyn Einyn

My son is named King. It's my maiden name. Still love it.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

My brother went to school with a set of brothers named Supreme Judge and I. Perfection Harris.

nonmember avatar Sabrina

I have friends who named their children Beautiful, Lovely, Previous and Princess. Its so difficult to yell at them. 'Beautiful! Cut it out!' 'Bad girl Lovely' 'Precious, no hitting!' Oye vey.

nonmember avatar Melissa

twins at my girls school are named Princess Diana and Perfect Precious. these are first names. Princess Dianas middle name is Whales. Perfect Precious' middle name is Princess. their mom is very clear in having everyone call them by their FULL first name. She even told the children not to respond to anyone who does not use both first names! she is so oblivious to what she has done to these kids. my daughter says they HATE it!poor girls!

zakke... zakkerysmom

Who, in their right mind, would name their child Wal Mart?!?? Or Selfie, for that matter?! I think you are making this crap up at this point lol

the4m... the4mutts

Zakkerysmom- Are you being sarcastic? I cant tell through the way you typed.

But just in case you're not, re-read the paragraph before the bloggers joke list :)

Betha... Bethany3020

yea im going to name my baby Awesome....right....right after i smoke my crack pipe. 

Melissa McCoy

Met a gal who named her sons Adonis and Hercules. In high school I played basketball against sisters named Princess and Fresca. Don't people realize these kids have to grow up and get jobs some day?

Kristy Hutchinson

How about Special Snowflake...*snicker*

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