First Responder Picks Perfect Name for Baby Born on L.A. Freeway (VIDEO)

newborn baby

Plenty of babies have wound up being born in cars because they weren't willing to wait until their moms arrived at the hospital, but can you think of a more hectic place to give birth than a busy freeway in Los Angeles? Sheesh. Talk about pure traffic jam hell.

Yes, that's exactly what happened to one California mom. Her husband wound up delivering their baby girl on the 405 after pulling over and calling 911.

And believe it or not, first responder Tisa Murphy was pretty shocked when she showed up and found that the baby had already been born. She anticipated having to actually deliver the child instead of finding her there in the arms of her father -- who had wrapped her in his shirt. (So sweet ... and very resourceful too.)


Check out this video clip to hear more and also see footage of the crazy "delivery room" scene.

Aww. What an adorable little girl! And I know her official name hasn't been revealed -- but aren't you absolutely loving the first responder's choice?

OMG. They should totally name her Monica! I mean, can you think of a more fitting thing to call her, considering she made her entrance into this world right smack dab on the Santa Monica off-ramp?

If nothing else, they should at least consider using Monica as her middle name. It would definitely make for a great conversation piece as she grows up. It'll almost be a shame if this kid isn't called Monica -- though I guess they still have a great story to tell her regardless of what her name is.

Does "Monica" get your vote for the perfect name?


Image via ABC7

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