Every Woman Deserves a Swanky 'Hotel Birth' Like This (VIDEO)

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hotel home birthThere are times when a woman wants to have a home birth but it's out of the question because of the home. Maybe because it's an apartment that doesn't quite feel like "home" -- I can relate to that. Or maybe you are in the middle of a move and don't want to give birth amongst walls of boxes. Packing and unpacking is certainly stressful enough as it is. The boxes surrounding you as you labor wouldn't be conducive to a stress-free birth.

Such is the case for Kristen and Pippen Kingsbury, who decided to give birth in a luxury hotel in Portland, Oregon. They also documented the magical day on video.

What you are about to see is the birth of the Kingsbury's son, Leopold. And while this did take place about two years ago, they only released the video this year. The hotel, The Nines, had no idea a planned hotel birth had taken place until now. The room was $299 a night in case you're wondering.

Beautiful! And that's exactly what Kristen said when she saw the room. She told KOIN News, "We walked in and I am telling you, I was like, 'I am having this baby here.' It was gorgeous."

Their video "Our Luxury Hotel Birth" captures the birth of Leopold. Mom labored for about two hours. And I absolutely love and support this idea. We do lots of things in hotels -- they are supposed to be our home away from home, right? There is something very carefree about staying in a hotel. It's not our home. All of our crap isn't there. There is no pile of bills on the desk. The dirty dishes aren't in the sink. The laundry basket isn't right there filled with towels we need to put away. All the reminders of our everyday life and stresses are absent at a hotel. And that could be just the thing a mama needs to labor with ease. Clearly Kristen did just that -- two hours is a great time. The stand-up shower looked lovely. The view. The gorgeous bed. No stress!

Every woman deserves a birth like this. Hospitals should offer more luxury because there's comfort in that -- there is comfort in a beautiful setting -- it allows us that ability to truly relax and let our bodies do what they are made to do ... to give birth.

Some will think it's inappropriate to give birth at a hotel, and even the hotel that didn't know about it until recently said if they had known, they wouldn't have allowed it. But what were they going to do? Kick them out during labor? They paid for the room. Of course the Kingsburys didn't leave a mess. They had a midwife. They were responsible with what they needed to clean up. Why is giving birth in a hotel not allowed when so many other things are "acceptable" in a hotel. Let's be real -- how many parents sneak away from their parent responsibilities, get a sitter, and get it on at a hotel for the night in order to reconnect? How many people do this? Heck, people go to hotels when they are unfaithful to their spouses. Birth? That's a good thing. Beautiful karma in that room.

What do you think of a hotel home birth? Do you think this is okay to do?


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flowe... flowerfunleah

Why has no one thought of this before? 

And do hotels have rules about what one does in their hotel room? Like, is it stated int he contract or paper you sign when renting the room for the night, "One will not give birth here." I think a hotel room birth is a great idea!

ktobin2 ktobin2

If you can pay for it, sure whatever. However, if it's tax dollars, that's a big no no.

miche... micheledo

I actually considered doing this.  I wasn't sure I could find a midwife and am about 30 minutes from a hospital.  My plan B was to get a hotel room next to the hospital, so I was close by if I needed to go to one.  

nonmember avatar Meg

I can't help but feel this is kinda icky and selfish. I also feel real sorry for the maids that would have to clean up after this.

nonmember avatar Kate

Meg, the beauty of a homebirth is there is no mess. The midwife or team of midwives cleans it up. It was stated in the piece that there was no mess. I've never seen or had to clean up 'the mess' at my two homebirths.
This is a brilliant idea. I've had 2 homebirths and have worried about having to have a hospital birth if we move to an area that doesn't have homebirth midwives. This is an excellent idea!!

Sarah Cazier

Um, Meg... it clearly states in the story that they cleaned up their 'mess'... which would have basically consisted of emptying a tub or throwing away disposable chuff pads.

jalaz77 jalaz77

What's wrong with all the amazing birth centers in Portland? Why not at home? Home would be so much more intimate. Sorry I think it's selfish too. She is all about the birth. The best part of being a mom is the parenting your child for the next how many years not all the bragging rights of a birth. Wimen are getting silly, acting like they are doing something so amazing. Sorry but giving birth to a baby wasn't all about a show like it is now. Women back in the day labored, birthed and took care of kids at the same time. Then got a little rest and was back at life again. Not uploading their birth.

nonmember avatar Nina

It's great that she didn't leave a mess and waterbirth is awesome, but that's a really nice hotel where people probably go to relax and I'd hate to be in the room next to her on a business trip trying to get work done and have to hear her moaning like that for two hours or be there with my family and have to explain to my kids that no, there isn't someone dying in the next room.

Armyw... ArmywifeGMommy

Oh Please. I have a sister who thinks the fact that I had my baby in my bed is nasty-- which it left NO MESS. Because midwives are trained to plan ahead and also clean up so there is no trace of birth. Also, it looks like she might have had a water birth, so that is the cleanest way to go, anyway. How is this "selfish" if for whatever reason she didn't want to go to a birth center or a hospital, and didn't have the availability of giving birth at her house? I'm pretty sure she made this decision based on what she felt comfortable, and not for "bragging rights." 

I would rather stay in a hotel room that a baby had been born in, than a room where someone had a hooker!  

amazz... amazzonia

Probably cheaper than hospital birth!

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