Woman Gives Birth on Lawn & People Take Her Picture Instead of Helping Her (PHOTO)

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pregnantIrma Lopez Aurelio went to a medical clinic on October 2 after she was woken up at night by increasingly strong contractions. She and her husband walked to the nearest medical clinic in their town in Mexico, but when Aurelio arrived, despite being fully dilated and her water having broke, she was reportedly turned away. There are conflicting reports as to why, but some say it was because the staff were too short-handed that night; others say there was some sort of language barrier between the laboring mother and employees that prevented her from being admitted; and still others say Aurelio was told it wasn't time yet. 

So she went outside and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Until she gave birth on the clinic lawn.

Oh, and then a kind bystander snapped a photo of her with her newborn still attached to the umbilical cord, and it wound up on a magazine cover.

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Never mind the horror and frustration of the clinic turning this woman who clearly needed to be a top priority away. Can we talk about this photo?

(WARNING: This photo is insensitive, graphic, and might offend you.)

Woman gives birth on medical clinic lawn.

Who, in their right mind, would take a photo like this? This woman just gave birth. Could you imagine being in Irma's position and having a stranger stand two feet away from you, taking your picture while your brand new baby is still attached to the umbilical cord? Even if you were in the confines of a cozy hospital room, this would feel so violating. There's no moment more intimate and private than birth. It's hard to believe that there's a person out there so disconnected that they would do something like this. What this woman needed in this moment was help.

Irma, thankfully, is okay, and employees from the under-staffed, linguistically-challenged clinic helped both her and her baby after she delivered, but still. There's no excuse for what transpired that day.

In other news, this is one bad ass woman.

What do you think of this?

Images via Markus Moellenberg/Corbis Images



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nonmember avatar Kimber

Her face is heartbreaking. Why didn't someone help her?!? Disgusting that someone took her picture instead of trying to help comfort her.

jalaz77 jalaz77

No kidding. I agree Kimber. Poor thing.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

So, you complain that someone took the picture, violated her privacy and intruded on an intimate moment, and yet you choose to share it with even more people?

Caera Caera

Gross, I wouldn't have helped either.

But I certainly wouldn't have taken a picture.

Denise Strother

she looks terrified. someone should've helped her

Kim Jennings

and yet you posted this picture yet again!! Aren't you just a little hypocritical? You are just as bad as the original person who took this photo. Pathetic.

Katie DeHesa

umm, do you seriously hang out reading MOMMYISH and then reposting THEIR stories as your original ones??    

Mexico La Gringa

Here is the situation in Mexico. Yes I'm American and Yes i live here in Mexico. As everyone in the U.S. is having a fit over the new Obama-Care here in Mexico NO ONE has insurance! You can buy insurance through your employment but you have to have to have been employed with that company for years. This poor women had no money to pay to have her baby. When i first got here over 2 years ago my sister n law was delivering on that very day. She too had no money to pay for the c-section so we paid for it. A C section here costs 1,500 pesos that is about 110 dollars. Its Cheap when the dollar is converted, But for those who have no work or do work but you must keep in mind that the daily pay of someone here in Mexico comes out to be like 5 dollars a day.  You will not not get help from anyone you do not know. They do not get involved in others business. If your laying on the street beaten to death they might call the police for you but that is about it! y So please don't complain about having a sucky health care because you could be like this poor women and have nothing at all. There is no suck thing here as medicaid or medicare there is no emergency assistance like in the U.S. its all about the Money!  

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