Michelle Duggar's Plans for Baby #20 Might Be More Than She Can Handle

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I guess this really shouldn't come as a huge surprise or anything, but Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are trying for a 20th baby. They're really hoping they'll be blessed with yet another pregnancy.

Michelle told Celebrity Baby Scoop that while they're waiting for another little miracle to hopefully become part of their lives, they're simply "enjoying their grandbabies" and are "thankful and grateful" for their other 19 children.

Wow -- 19 kids. That never ceases to amaze me, especially considering Michelle is only 47 and has been married to Jim Bob for 29 years -- meaning she's pretty much been pregnant the entire time they've been together. (Can you even imagine?)

And while they really are very special people and seem to have a patience and love for children that goes beyond what most parents can comprehend -- it just seems like they might be pushing Mother Nature a bit in trying for that 20th baby.

I mean, they already have 19 wonderful kids, so shouldn't they think about stopping while they are ahead, taking a step back, and letting Michelle try out the non-pregnant life for a change? It's almost like they really don't know how to not be expecting a baby -- not that they're addicted to reproducing, but they're definitely accustomed to it.

Or maybe it's a numbers thing and they figure since they already have 19, they might as well go for 20 to make things even. I guess I can see where it would be tempting -- like a milestone you just have to reach or something.

Then again, maybe Michelle and Jim Bob really do have an innate desire to have as many children as possible, because of their strong faith and the fact that they've been lucky and blessed enough to have so many healthy and happy children. For the most part, getting pregnant hasn't been an issue for them, so why shouldn't they have one more?

To each his own. I guess if adding another baby into the mix is something the Duggars truly want to do, none of us should question their reasoning. (But holy moly -- I wouldn't want 20 kids.)

Do you think it's wise for the Duggars to try for a 20th?


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When you look at what happened during her last two pregnancies and at how old she is, I don't think it's really a good idea to try again. But whatever, they can't help themselves. You know Michelle would be pissed if Kelly Bates had #20 before she did!!

D.j. Lord

as long as they can support em and we arent paying for em...but no way id want 20

nonmember avatar lilah

We are paying for them. They have declared their house a church so no taxes and aid. Plus the older kids have their childhoods stolen when they are raising their younger siblings. But that's what religion does to people.

craft... craftycatVT

Why shouldn't they? How about because they earth is overpopulated and we seriously don't need more people!?

Movie... Moviebuff

They are stupid the last one died and I'm sure the one that was born early and had to be on oxygen is a "special" need one.

kenle... kenleymom

She has had 21 babies. 2 where stillborn. I think God was saying no more with the problems she had with her last 2 pregnancies.....1 Born early at 24 weeks and a stillborn.

Todd Vrancic

Not my family, not my business.  Also that many kids would not be my cup of tea.

nonmember avatar Tina

Why shouldn't they? If she is blessed with another pregnancy then good for her. Just because the last one ended in miscarriage doesn't mean it'll happen again. It's been 3 years since she was pregnant so maybe it's just not going to happen anyway. They've talked about possibly adopting on their show too, and I think they're the perfect family to adopt. The adopted kids would be loved, well supported, and have a good life with that family.

youth... youthfulsoul

I don't think they actively try. From everything I've ever seen, they don't prevent. There's a (small) difference. It's God's will, or so they say.

Sandra Riggle

This is not fair to the rest of her children, and seeing as how shes had issues with her last two pregnancies i don't think it would be wise and a doctor should really advise her against it. It is most of all not fair to the life she would be bringing into the world

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