100 Totally Amazing Hipster Baby Names

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baby with moustacheIf you are looking for cool names for your baby, look no further than this list. Hipster, in this case, means cool -- cooler than cool. So cool it's like ice but cooler. So cool your baby will definitely wear black and possibly rock a moustache pacifier (if only for photo ops). Nothing negative about the word hipster here -- just a whole bunch of awesome names for your super rad little bundle of happiness.

Check out this list of 100 super cool hipster baby names and see which one is your favorite.

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  1. Blaire
  2. Astara
  3. Everly
  4. Juniper
  5. Wren
  6. Bryn
  7. Zinnia
  8. Luna
  9. Raina
  10. Cleo
  11. Prue
  12. Daisy
  13. Delilah
  14. Finley
  15. Etta
  16. Edie
  17. Stella
  18. Frankie
  19. Stevie
  20. hipster baby namesEyelet
  21. Piper
  22. Isla
  23. Fallon
  24. Clementine
  25. Minnie
  26. Violet
  27. Lola
  28. Nola
  29. Mae
  30. Callie
  31. Tessa
  32. Poppy
  33. Simone
  34. Livi
  35. Beatrix
  36. Mabel
  37. Clover
  38. Lulu
  39. Matilda
  40. Magnolia
  41. Ruby
  42. Tallulah
  43. Pearl
  44. Alden
  45. Lana
  46. Willa
  47. Sia
  48. Rae
  49. Cecily
  50. Olive

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  1. Ike
  2. Kale
  3. Atticus
  4. Elvis
  5. Theo
  6. Otto
  7. Milo
  8. Otis
  9. Hudson
  10. Duke
  11. Edison
  12. Miller
  13. Arlo
  14. Farron
  15. Colton
  16. Dexter
  17. Gus
  18. Roscoe
  19. Holden
  20. Sanford
  21. Calvin
  22. Kent
  23. Jasper
  24. Luca
  25. Felix
  26. Scout
  27. Clive
  28. Dries
  29. Huck
  30. Bear
  31. Baron
  32. Beckett
  33. Matteo
  34. Ryder
  35. Jones
  36. Byron
  37. Ace
  38. Axl
  39. Judd
  40. Cormac
  41. Harris
  42. Dax
  43. Django
  44. Kai
  45. Jack
  46. Van
  47. Sebastian
  48. Stellan
  49. Watson
  50. Julian

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Which names are your favorite?


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nonmember avatar Kay

Calvin! That's my little man's name :) Wasn't trying to be hipster or anything, he's named after my grandpa!

Maureen Friedly

These poor children. The only name on this list my husband and I ever considered was Daisy. I don't consider that much a "hipster" name. It's quite an old name and we considered it to honor my great grandmother.

lulou lulou

I like a lot of them.  All of our kids have 4 letter names like the ones above, but did that just as much for my laziness filling out forms.

nonmember avatar Renee

We just had a boy and named him Colton! Have loved it for years but I don't know that I'd consider it hipster! We're definitely far from hipster anyway.

Ashlee Geer

lol i love some of these names for both girls and boys. they are different and that what we need, the are too many kids with the same damn name out there. when i had my 2 girls i manes them kaydence and americus. and i love these names lol. but each there own

Khristy Monigold

Kale. Really? You think a fracking vegetable is a hipster name?!

Brittanie Pierce

We have a Finley, but we used it for a boy. It was for the longest time a boy's name..... though I do like it as a girls name as well. 

Wheep... Wheepingchree

Oh jeez. Am I a hipster then? I'm about to give birth any day and this little girl's name will be Olive Luna. My older daughter is Chloe Willow. And she is friends with a Cleo, a Jasper, a Wren, the list of hipster names goes on.

nonmember avatar Heather

How about Gage and Amos-- two names I am currently considering! I know a lot of kids with the names on this list!

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