Beyonce's Secret to a Less Painful Childbirth Is Worth a Try

beyonceWhen I think of women I want to get labor and delivery advice from, Beyonce typically isn't at the top of my list. It isn't that I don't like Beyonce or think she's a bad mom. Quite the opposite, in fact. I'm kind of obsessed with her. But Bey seems like she's better suited for giving advice on how to be fierce. Or how to rock a sick mani. For pregnancy advice, I think I'll stick to the millions of experts in comments sections on the Internet.

Or actually ... maybe I will take advice from Beyonce. Because she just revealed an incredibly awesome trick for getting through labor to Marie Claire. Beyonce and Marie Claire! How did women give birth before either of them?!

Bey says that, as insane as she felt, she imagined what Blue Ivy was going through. She envisioned this teeny-tiny infant trying to push through a heavy door during each contraction. She said that thinking about how difficult and scary that must've been for her daughter, she "couldn't think about her own pain."

Now, while I find it slightly difficult to "not think about my own pain" during birth, I think thinking about what your baby is going through instead of yourself would help alleviate things a bit. Or at least give you a different perspective on what's happening. That poor baby! Imagine the journey of going from the warmest, safest, awesomest place to here? Has to be terrifying for the poor little dolls.

If I have another child, I'll try to remember Bey's advice while giving birth. I'll try to think about what my child is going through as opposed to the other-worldly pain I'm in. But let's be honest, who remembers anything when they're giving birth?

What did you think about while giving birth?


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Cleme... Clemency3

I perfectly agree with this. That was what got me through my first 2. 

Chris... ChristyM123

I tried to focus on that while in labor with my kids, but all it did was cause me more stress and worsen the feeling of being helpless during my deliveries. However, with the birth of my second, he was in distress because my cervix wouldn't allow his head to push through even though I was completely dilated, which caused his oxygen and heartrate to drop, and when my doctor told me I HAD to push him out no matter how much it hurt, it snapped me back from being on the edge of passing out from pain and fatigue and I managed to push a 10 pound 2 ounce baby out while my doctor manually stretched my cervix over my baby's head. 

pinks... pinksummer83

I thought she had a planned c-section?

Michele Lopez

that's what Bradley classes teach... I wonder if she took Bradlel method CB classes??


Bronwyn Lewis

Call me crazy but I didn't find natural childbirth painful.  It was uncomfortable but not painful.

nonmember avatar dee

The fsct she had a c sectioned helped with labor I'll bet

Jeez.... anything a celebrity says ISN'T NEWS!

MommaKx3 MommaKx3

Aside from Beyonce's child-birth method...My last baby was all natural, at home. It was a breeze compared to my first two pitocin-incuded, hospital-based, cervical-checked labors. If we had another baby, we'd plan another home birth without a doubt. Who wants to have a baby in a gown that somebody pooped in yesterday?


nonmember avatar nona

I just wish that moms would be more accepting of how others give birth. I mean really, how dare MommyKx3 that you judge moms who want to give birth in a hospital? Kudos to you for birthing at home, but it's not for everybody. BE LESS JUDGEMENTAL.

Heath... HeatherMarieT88

Mommakx3 lol I gave birth in the hospital naked. I couldn't stand to wear any clothes except for my bra.

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