Pregnant With Twins? You May Not Need a C-Section After All

twinsOf the moms you know who've had twins, did any of them have a natural birth? I honestly can't think of one twin mom I've ever bumped into who hasn't had a C-section to deliver them. It isn't surprising since the assumption seems to be that it's the best route to go when dealing with more than one baby.

But a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that twin births can be vaginal, and that delivering via C-section isn't always necessary as long as things are progressing normally.

Of the 2,804 women who were studied, only 44 percent of those who planned a vaginal birth wound up having a C-section. Moms who had scheduled C-sections, however, had them 91 percent of the time.


And while there are some expectant moms who are probably much more comfortable delivering twins via C-section, there are likely many who would much rather have a vaginal delivery but assume it's either too risky or not possible.

I mean, yeah, there's always the fear that one of the babies will be breech, or some other complication will pop up and a C-section will wind up being necessary anyway. Still, shouldn't moms-to-be at least have a shot at going for a vaginal delivery if that's what they believe is best for them? 

This study is such great news for women who are hoping for a more natural birth experience, and if nothing else, hopefully it will help them choose the right doctor to deliver their babies. If a vaginal birth is important to you and your OBGYN tells you he/she would rather just plan a C-section and call it a day -- it might be a red flag that you need to get a second opinion and find a doc who is a little more in line with honoring your wishes.

The experience of giving birth is so powerful and emotional, and every mom deserves to carry out her delivery the way she wants to -- whether she's pregnant with one baby or two.

Are you expecting twins, and if so, are you planning a C-section?


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