The Latest on What You Can Eat While Pregnant (Warning: It's Confusing)

Are you ready to tear out even more of your gorgeously shiny pregnant hair because you just can't figure out what's safe to eat and what to avoid? Brace yourself: the latest study on eating fish while pregnant reveals that everything you've been told about restricting your intake of fish because of concerns over mercury is probably wrong. Oh, joy! As it turns out, fish only account for a measly 7 percent of the mercury in a person's body, and according to one researcher, if you're preggers and worried about mercury, cutting out fish isn't going to do a whole lot of good -- plus its benefits probably outweigh its harmful properties. He suggests instead chucking other things from your diet that I had no idea contain mercury. White rice -- okay, fine, I can do that. But herbal teas? Is there no end to this torture? 


Now hold on to your hats for some truly crazy pregnancy diet news: according to a separate report released by Swedish researchers, eating tons of garlic at the beginning of your pregnancy could bring down the risk of premature birth by 30 percent. And that's not all, folks. Eating dried fruits like raisins toward the end of your pregnancy may also help your baby stay in the cooker until it's time to come out. Now, it's important for us to remember that both of these studies are just that -- singular studies that don't serve as enough proof that any of this information should be taken as gospel. It's still way too early to change the dietary recommendations for any of these foods. 

As a pregnant woman with obscene cravings and a borderline neurotic desire to do everything textbook-right, I can see myself easily overdosing on garlic and raisins because, why not? It can't hurt. But I'm on the fence about how much fish I should really eat and these studies, which seem to come out every other day and contradict one another, are kind of driving me crazy. I think for now I'll do what I've been doing and, like everything else, enjoy fish in moderation. And, as much as I'd love to inhale a couple of hundred Philadelphia Rolls, I'll save that for after birth. 

How are you handling all of the information out there about foods to eat and avoid during pregnancy? 


Image Via James Bowe/Flickr

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