6 Possible Consequences of Putting on Too Much Pregnancy Weight

fat pregnant womanIf you're like pretty much every other pregnant woman out there, then the minute you peed on the stick and got a positive result, you've been concerned over whether or not you're going to blow up like a balloon by the end of your final month.

Pregnancy weight gain can definitely cause quite a bit of anxiety, especially if you happen to put on more than the recommended 25 to 35 pounds most doctors deem acceptable.

Usually the first thing that concerns us is how we are going to lose the baby weight if we put too much on, but there are actually much more serious things pregnant women should worry about as far as how much weight is too much.


Here are six potential negative outcomes of packing on way too many pounds during pregnancy.

  1. Obesity in your child -- A new study released by Boston Children's Hospital says that babies born to moms who gained excessive weight are more likely to be obese kids by the time they are 12 years old.
  2. Lacerations during childbirth -- Because more pounds can lead to larger babies, it's possible that gaining more weight ups your chances of having a vaginal tear during delivery.
  3. High blood pressure -- The more weight you gain, the greater your chances are for developing hypertension and/or diabetes.
  4. Stillbirth -- Yes, it's unimaginable to think about -- but excessive weight gain can result in a stillbirth.
  5. Need for C-section -- Your weight gain could make your baby bigger, and the bigger the baby, the more likely the chances of having a C-section.
  6. Miscarriage -- Being overweight and pregnant could lead to you having a miscarriage.

Do you have a plan for keeping your pregnancy weight gain in control?


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