Mom Gives Birth to Rare Identical Triplets, But Telling Them Apart Is Easy

3A mom in the U.K. recently gave birth to a set of identical triplets -- something so rare the chances of it occurring are 1 in 200 million. It happens when one, single fertilized egg splits and becomes three different embryos, resulting in three identical babies.

Karen Gilbert delivered the baby girls via C-section, and they were premature after being born two months early. But thankfully, Ffion, Maddison, and Paige are finally at home with their parents and 3-year-old sister, Faye, where they belong.

And while Karen says they are all starting to develop their own personalities -- it can't be easy to tell three identical little girls apart all the time.


I mean, adjusting to life with one newborn is hectic enough, so how do parents of identical twins and multiples manage to differentiate between them?

Actually, there are some pretty fun strategies out there. It wouldn't come as a surprise if the Gilbert family has already tried a few of them.

Color-coding their outfits is one way of going about separating them. Each baby can have a signature color that they wear on any given day of the week, and that way you know exactly who you are holding, changing, feeding, etc. But I guess you have to make sure to pay close attention to which baby you are dressing in which outfit after bathtime, or it could defeat the whole purpose of the colors.

If you're a Full House fan, then maybe you remember the little trick Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky used to tell their twins apart after they came home from the hospital. In line with color-coding their clothes, Becky stuck different colored booties on each twin to keep track of who was who. But then Jesse took them off to give their little tootsies some air and forgot who was Nicky and who was Alex and had to take their footprints to set things straight again. (Love that show.)

Another way to tell newborns apart is to keep their hospital bracelets on for a bit -- at least until you start to learn their cries, features, and other little things that may make the guessing game a little bit easier.

Or since this family has all girls, I suppose they could buy three adorable headbands with different patterns to have them wear at all times? (That might help?)

Who knows -- perhaps that's a lot of the reason why these parents chose three distinct names for their girls as opposed to calling them things that all start with the same letter. Ffion, Maddison, and Paige are all so different, which helps set them apart as individuals even further.

But even if things take some getting used to -- these parents definitely have triple the joy in their lives right now. There's really no greater gift than three beautiful little girls who happen to be exactly alike!

Have you ever heard of someone having identical triplets?


Image via 1smrtcookie/Flickr

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