40-Something Mom of 7 Is Pregnant With 13 Babies

pregnancy testRemember how crazy it was when we found out Octomom was expecting eight kiddos and we wondered what in the heck it felt like to be pregnant with that many fetuses? Yeah, well an Iraqi mom knows how she felt and then some -- because she's reportedly pregnant with 13 babies.

Yes, I said 13. As in twins times six plus one. As in a baker's dozen. As in this woman has 13 babies in her womb.

For reals. A doctor at a hospital in Iraq told reporters that images actually confirm that she has 13 buns in the oven.

And did I mention she's already a mom of seven -- and she's in her 40s?!?


Sadly, supposedly four of the babies have already died in utero, and doctors suspect she may not carry the other nine to full term either. But it sounds like she and her husband are still happy about the pregnancy and feel as though they are blessed -- but still, she's pregnant with 13 babies!

OMG. I think I could handle a twin pregnancy, or possibly even triplets -- but I can't even begin to imagine how this mom must be feeling. And on top of how wild this is, how in the heck does one become pregnant with 13? There are no details on how, exactly, she managed to conceive so many. It seems unlikely that 13 embryos would be implanted with IVF, which leads us to believe that she possibly got pregnant with all of them naturally. And that's enough to make your head spin.

Whatever is meant to be will be, and hopefully this family will wind up welcoming happy and healthy babies at the end of the pregnancy, even if her body isn't able to sustain it to full-term. These parents will certainly have an incredible story to tell the kids as they grow up!

How would you react if you learned you were pregnant with this many babies?


Image via PinkMoose/Flickr

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