Skull & Crossbones in the Nursery?

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Who knew Morena Baccarin, who plays Ageny Brody's awesome wife, Jessica, on Homeland, was so hip?

Apparently, the 34-year-old Brazilian actress, who should be giving birth any day now, has bypassed the traditional blues, pinks, and light greens of popular nursery decor to fill her baby's room with a heavy metal-inspired skull and crossbones.


Or crazy awesome? 


Baccarin has kept mum on the gender of her baby, which is even more fun because we get to imagine this alternative and slightly spooky decoration placed in either a little boy's or girl's room. Before we criticize the actress for filling what's supposed to be a serene and calming environment with something we associate with horror films, remember that skulls didn't always have bad connotations. In some ancient cultures people would even wear them for protection and to ward off bad spirits. So maybe Baccarin is on to something. 

Parents are deviating so far from traditional nurseries these days that I didn't even bat an eyelash at Baccarin's decor choice. I've come across everything from Where the Wild Things Are-themed nurseries -- talk about spooky! -- to Lord of the Rings nurseries and  octopus-themed nurseries -- no other sea creatures, just octopuses. Let's face it, nurseries are created with themes and items in mind that soothe mom and dad just as much as we think and hope they will soothe baby. Even before baby's first birthday party, nurseries let us express ourselves and pass on what we love to our children. 

There's nothing wrong with decorating a nursery with skulls and bones if you find beauty and a source of comfort in these items. I personally love Morena's idea and am kind of hoping she has a girl, which would make her nursery even more bad-ass. 

What do you think about Morena's skulls and bones nursery? 


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Movie... Moviebuff

I like it :)

Movie... Moviebuff

I like it :)

Movie... Moviebuff

I like it :)

Melanie Scott

My son's nursery was done up in skull & crossbone decore even his bedding! Now at 4 His decor is Nightmare Before Christmas that one was all his choice

Sarah Cazier

The Jolly Roger hangs above my 2yo's bed. He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I made skully and pirate bedding for his bed. His nursery theme was 'under the sea'... which will continue to be the theme on the new baby's side of the room... but of course pirates sail atop the sea... so it all goes together wonderfully.

Nicole Goenner

"Hey, One-Eyed Willy. So I guess that's why they call you One-Eyed Willy." "It's our time down here! Down here it's our time! Up there it's their time! It's their time up there!" "Chester Copperpot never made it this far!" 

Kami McManus

Not my taste, but not my kid or my money paying for it. To each their own I guess

Katie Susick

Can I live in her nursery?!?!

nonmember avatar Myriam

The baby doesn't care or even "see" the nursery for at least a couple of months. Nurseries are not for the baby, they are for the parents!

Todd Vrancic

Not my house, not my business, but FWIW, I think it's kind of cute and awesome.

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