Orgasmic Birth: What It's Really Like


fireworksEarlier this week, I talked about the possibility of using laughter to achieve an orgasmic birth -- you know, as in having the big "O" in the midst of your baby coming into the world.

And while I will probably always find the whole deal a little bit on the hokey side, there are women who are having orgasms during their deliveries, which got me thinking. What exactly goes through their heads while they're climaxing in the delivery room?

My gut tells me it's quite the scene -- and it probably goes a little something like this.

"OMG. Here comes another contraction. Holy fu&%ing sh&$, this HURTS."

(Panting like a dog in heat.) "Wait a second, I'm supposed to laugh. If I laugh, all the pain will magically go away. But it HURTS, dammit."

"Wait! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ooo! I think it's working."

"Ooo. Is it getting warm in here? And that doctor is all sorts of hot. I think he wants me."

"OMG. OMG. OMG. This feels absolutely AMAZING. Should I go for it?"


"Sigh. Whew. I think I need a nap now."

"Huh? What happened? And where the hell am I?"

"Snort. I just had a flipping orgasm in the middle of giving birth and no one noticed."

"OMG. Why are they all looking at me like that. Crap. They totally know what just happened. This is mortifying."

"Ahh! I think I feel the head!"



Image via bayasaa/Flickr

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nonmember avatar guest1

It isn't sexual at all. I'm not sure if this is exactly what I went through at delivery but it was just a rush. My husband recorded my delivery and when my little one came out all you hear me say is. uhhhh, that felt so good.

Craft... CraftyJenna

wow, this is a truley bitchy and uninformed article. How about this- if you haven't done it, know nothing about it and aren't willing to actually talk to someone who has been there, you don't write half assed aritcles making fun of it?

LadyM... LadyMitres

Posted under LOL. Just for giggles don't take it so seriously.laughing

javak... javakitty2011

I think it's a load of bs


kjjakjja kjjakjja

I think I felt this. It was an orgasm of relief my son was finally out and I didn't have to push anymore, or have people yell "breathe!" as I tried to will myself into unconsciousness

oneth... onethought

It's nothing like that at all. When I had an orgasm during labor, I was not laughing. I happened to be sitting on the edge of my bed, leaning forward during a contraction. I started to feel really weird down there and looked at my husband like "wtf". All I could say was "this feels so weird". I wasn't moaning or grasping the bed. It didn't hit me until later that it was actually an orgasm. It just happened and was one of the most awkward experiences of my life. And no one knows except my husband.

Christy Freeman

I don't think it's bs at all. I didn't have one (I wish!), but I know that when my daughter finally cam out it was the most amazing feeling ever! And I can imagine that if you are in tune to your body and really sensitive down there then you may actually have an orgasm as the baby comes out. It's NOT sexual. It's mostly relief. Or like when music resolves. (I think that's how you say it. Makes sense in my head!)

csbri... csbride2013

the way the pictures were put made me laughsidesplittinglaughter

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