New Heartbeat Monitor for Home Use Could Make Pregnant Moms Overly Obsessive

When you're pregnant, the first time you hear your baby's heartbeat is one of the most magical moments in life. The second time you hear it -- still, pure joy and wonder. The third, fourth, and fifth times you hear it, you may begin asking your doctor questions like, "Is it supposed to be that fast?" Or "That's normal, right?" Regardless of our reactions, we eagerly await each sonogram in part because the ability to hear that little heartbeat makes us feel connected to our little peanut. 

So what would you say if it was not only possible, but relatively affordable to purchase a device that would allow you not only to listen to the heartbeat any old time you want from the comfort of your couch, but to then share the file with family and friends? 


BabyWatch is a start-up company that just launched a system that includes a hand-held ultrasound that connects to your smartphone with a cable and an app you can download that creates a visual of the sound and records its beats per minute. And the device costs $49.99. So you can, literally, wake up in the morning and, while hanging out on the couch in your pajamas, listen to your baby's heartbeat and then share the file with ten of your closest friends. Or take the device to work and, after a stressful morning, pop into the bathroom for a soothing listen before your lunch break. 

It's a genius device. 

But is anyone willing to play pessimist with me for a moment and ask the question: with just how many people would you actually share a file of your baby's heartbeat? I can think of three people, two of whom are my baby's grandmothers, who would shriek and jump up and down each time they received an email with baby's heartbeat. And by month six, even they might be a little jaded by it. 

And then there is the hypochondriac in me that warns: Do not buy this device. You will use it eight times a day and will wig out any time you think the heartbeat sounds slightly different. You will call your doctor five times within the first week. Do not buy this device.

But heck yeah, I would totally buy this and use it eight times a day.

What do you think about the personal hand-held ultrasound? And with whom would you share your baby's heartbeat? 

Image Via BabyWatch

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