1 Easy Thing You Can Do if You Want to Have an Orgasmic Birth

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laughingOrgasmic birth. Every single time I hear that term, I find myself thinking back to my own son's delivery -- and the fact that there was nothing remotely orgasmic or pleasurable about it (other than getting the baby at the end of the whole ordeal).

But I'm sure plenty of moms-to-be find the idea of climaxing while pushing out a baby appealing. It will be of particular interest to them to hear that laughing may lead to having an orgasm during birth -- especially if you know how to use it to your advantage.

Let me explain.

There is a belief that if a pregnant woman trains herself to use laughter as a means of coping with the (excruciating) sensations of labor and delivery as opposed to moaning and groaning -- those fits of the giggles can actually help push her over the edge to achieve the big "O."

Laughing reduces blood pressure and helps the body produce more oxytocin, which relaxes the cervix. It also helps block pain messages to the brain, so I guess it really does make sense that it would help ease some of the symptoms of labor. And apparently if you're feeling less stressed and aren't tightening up during contractions, it makes the possibility of having an orgasm more likely? (At least that's how I'm interpreting this info.)

Huh. So, yeah -- this sort of makes sense, but the whole idea of birth and sexual pleasure going hand in hand still kind of freaks me out a little. I guess it's just tough for me to imagine getting all hot and bothered in the midst of bringing my child into the world, but hey -- more power to you if you want to let loose and go for it.

And if you are into the orgasmic birth thing, maybe using laughter as a means of attempting it really is the best route to take. Something tells me in addition to being pleasurable, having an orgasm in the delivery room is a little on the hilarious side. (Especially if no one around you knows the sensation you're experiencing.)

I mean, bursting into uncontrollable laughter sure beats slamming your fist down on the bed and yelling, "YES! YES! YES!" over and over again, right?

So there you have it. If you want to get your orgasm on while giving birth, all you need to do is train yourself to crack up every time you feel the next contraction coming, and you'll be in a state of pure ecstasy in no time. (Sure sounds easy enough.)

Have you thought about aiming for an orgasmic birth?


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adamat34 adamat34

Who da fuq is thinking about orgasms during birth? I had an IV O2 mask, 305 people milling about, legs in the air.....good grief....slow news day?

nonmember avatar MammaMel

I would actually be trying to NOT have one...thanks...

Taisie Taisie

I agree with you, the idea of birth and orgasm together kind of freaks me out a bit too. I would not want anything to do with my baby, or children, to be even remotely sexual, it just would feel wrong on so many levels. But that is just my humble opinion.

nonmember avatar lauren

I think this is an amazing idea !! The thought of having less pain during birth without an epidural is definitely something i want to try with my water birth when my son is due in January: )) .. Ladies this is not something we should shy away from i guarantee you putting out those kind of hormones while in labor could only be good for your baby

wishf... wishfulgal

Uh, yeah. No.

just1... just1morein14

Umm no. I'll just get the epidural and call it a day for pain relief. The idea of having an orgasm while bringing my child into the world just creeps me out. 

Chris... ChristyM123

I would definitely take that over the indescribable pain of child birth any day! Unfortunately, an orgasm (or anything sexual) was the furthest thing from my mind during childbirth. But kudos to the women who can take something so incredibly painful and turn it into a pleasurable experience! I'll bet the endorphines it releases would help childbirth progress faster since it would cause the body to relax :)

Andre... Andreamom001

Better than pain, but I had not even heard of this when my son was born.  I think I would be too uncomfortable with this idea to "try" for it.  Supposedly, in natural homebirths it happens like 20 percent of the time or something, though.  Interesting. 

Sex starts the process, so I guess why not end it that way, too...?  Definitley beter than the pain, but I'm just more comfortable using water--warm wate does so much to ease the pain!

More power to the moms who are comfortable with this and are able to have the experience, though!

Wendy Eisen

I have had two born all natural. I never thought of trying to laugh through the pain.. wish this subject had been around then. I could see this working out for a mom who is not having her first birth though. Not that it is any less uncomfortable then the first, but by then you know your body and what to expect.

Marisa Glaser Goudy

I've avoided even dreaming of an orgasmic birth because I don't want to pour my energy into dreaming for something I'm not even sure how to access. In a way I cringe that I'm limiting myself in this way, but at the same time, I want to be really grounded and prepared for my next birth. It took 28 hours of labor complete with 5 hours of pushing to bring my daughter into the world. For our next homebirth in February my main priority is focusing and allowing the process to happen faster - and not being afraid to push!

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