5 Creative Ways to Announce the Sex of Your Baby (PHOTOS)

balloonsOne of the most exciting moments of being pregnant is finding out the sex of your baby. You finally get to start buying wee little clothes, decorate a wee little nursery, and it just makes everything seem that much more real. And of course, there's telling everyone what you're having.

These days, saying "we're having a boy" is old hat. Try one of these 5 fun ways to reveal the sex of your baby to friends and family!

Image via aleksejs.busarovs/Flickr

  • 5 Awesome Ways to Announce the Sex of Your Baby

  • A Sex-Revealing Cake


    If you like building suspense -- and eating cake -- a sex-revealing cake is the way to go. Bake a yellow cake, adding pink food coloring for a girl or blue for a boy, and have your family and friends dig in.

    (Note: Some people have their doctor write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and bring it to a baker without looking at it, so they can be surprised by a pink or blue cake.)

  • Balloons


    Another cute way to reveal your baby's sex -- to yourself or to friends -- is to have the doctor write down if it's a boy or a girl on a piece of paper, and bring said piece of paper to a grocery or party store. Have a clerk fill a box with either blue or pink balloons. Get together with loved ones and release!

  • Unwrap an Outfit


    Invite friends and family over and have one of them, or yourself, unwrap a present with a blue or pink onesie inside.

  • Candy


    Gather up a bunch of pink and blue candy, and have friends pick pink if they think you're having a girl, and blue if they think it's a boy. Then make your announcement. And yay, candy all around!

  • Have Your Kid Get In on the Fun


    If you already have a child, have him or her wear a onesie or a shirt that says, "I'm Getting a Baby Brother/Sister!" Awwww.