8 Ways Pregnant Women Have Taken the 'Nesting' Phase to the Extreme

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scrubbingAhh. The nesting phase of pregnancy. If you haven't hit it quite yet, odds are good that sometime late in your third trimester, you'll suddenly find yourself incessantly cleaning, organizing, and/or disinfecting every square inch of your house to prepare for your little one's arrival. And believe it or not, the whole nesting thing isn't all in your head.

According to a new study published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior, nesting is a primal instinct in pregnant women that stems from a desire to provide a safe environment for their unborn baby.

And while I can't really recall entering the nesting phase myself when I had my son, many moms admit going to extremes to make sure everything was in tip-top shape before they went into labor.

Here are eight crazy nesting stories that just go to show that nothing can stop a mom-to-be who's on a mission to prepare for the birth of her baby -- even if she happens to be due the very next day.

  1. "I HAD to paint our master bedroom when I was nine months pregnant. I went to the store and picked out paint. (I think the guy at the store thought I was crazy.) I painted the entire room myself (including moving furniture) and went into labor the next day."
  2. "I decided we needed to bleach the garage floor and I did it! I thought that was totally normal until my mom told me otherwise."
  3. "When I was pregnant with baby number two, I re-organized our massive bookshelf by putting all the books in alphabetical order. They stayed that way for about a day before my oldest got into them."
  4. "With baby number one I was grossed out by all the grease stains on our kitchen ceiling. So I climbed on a step stool with a Magic Eraser, and several hours later, I had a very clean kitchen ceiling. With baby number two, we decided to sell our condo at the end of my pregnancy. I once again climbed on said step stool and cleaned all the dust off the top of the refrigerator. About three weeks after I gave birth, we moved out of that place."
  5. "I cleaned my entire living room carpet with a handheld scrub brush. I had to do it twice, once with cleaner and once with water. I was nine months pregnant! And I didn't even go into labor. However, I got an awesome biceps workout."
  6. "The last baby I spent an entire day organizing things and putting in Ziplock bags of varying sizes. My makeup bag was LITERALLY a mound of plastic. It was very OCD."
  7. "Oh, I went crazy. Cleaned every nook and cranny of my house. Window sills, radiators. I even took all the cushions off my IKEA couch and washed them!"
  8. "I didn't just nest. I redecorated the entire house. We had closed almost a year prior to that point. Got rid of the living room furniture and bought new stuff, painted the living room, painted and redid the playroom and included a study station, and created brand new rooms for all three of my kids from paint to themes to accessories. I even dragged my husband into it. It was my last baby, and the only time I went quite so crazy."

Have you hit the nesting phase yet?


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adamat34 adamat34

@ above----Da fuq r u talking about???

Amber Richardson

I redid my nursery 34 times within my last month of pregnancy. Come to think of it, I was re aranging my nursery when I went Into labor

Sarah Ort

Not yet, well kind of, with the pregnancy. With my first, I scrubbed all our floors with a toothbrush as well as the baseboards. I also washed all the walls, all of our laundry again (I thought it smelled "funny"). She came almost a week later.

nonmember avatar Sarah

I cleaned the entire bathroom.....with my husband's toothbrush. He was less than thrilled but very happy with the shiny shower!

Andrea Horne Kleist

I went absolutely berserk and cleaned my entire house top to bottom - baseboards and windows and everything. I couldn't stop. I wish I always had that kind of energy!

Kristen Lorraine Cox

I went crazy & rebuilt my daughters' bed, refinished all of their bedroom furniture and painted the bedroom, completely redid my oldest daughter's bedroom as well. I built a window seat for the breakfast nook. Ripped out carpet in the living room and put in tile instead, painted, rearranged the furniture several times, ripped out and replaced the quarter-round on the baseboards throughout most of the house, and washed every piece of clothing/fabric in the house. I was a maniac!! lol...It was WORTH IT!!!

Kayleigh Hilyard

When I was pregnant, I really went to the extreme. Not only did I bleach the basement floor more than once a week and stained our handrail and wood panels, I also became obsessed with Gain cleaning detergents to the point that I even took a bath in it.

nonmember avatar Tam

I scrubbed my entire kitchen floor with a scrubby pad when I was preggo with my first baby. I dropped hair dye from my friends hair on their. Just a little drip! And then when I scrubbed that spot clean I realized I couldn't stand that that one spot was cleaner than the rest of the floor so I did it all. My hubby asked wha tI was doing and I told him and he wisely just walked away lol.

Erica Fucello

I not only needed to scrub everything in my house with a MOUNTAIN of bubbles and cleaner, but I had to clean myself, too!  I brushed my teeth upwards of five times a day, and showered at least three times.  I also craved the smell of clean anything....so much so that I would open my linen closet several times just to breathe the fresh, clean scent all day long.  My husband told me that after two kids, he's admitting me to the hospital around month six of our next pregnancy.  :)

allie... alliesaurus

It wasn't so bad with my first child. I assume because at that point in my life not much was left undone and things were often taken care of and kept in their place....but with baby #3 who arrive just 3 months ago i another story. I would be late taking my oldest to school because I would pick up a bead off the floor near the dining table and notice that the legs of the chairs had splatter marks from "someone" spilling milk...which lead to an entire scrub down and sanitization of not only every inch of our dining set but the baseboards and floor as well. I would totally lose track of time and all things sensible because I would be so wrapped up in cleaning. I wish I had that kind of energy right now. I wish.

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