5 Outrageous Ways Parents Pick Baby Names (PHOTOS)

namesSome couples know before they're even pregnant what they will name their future children. Others hem, haw, debate, fight, and drag their heels until the last minute because they just can't decide on a baby name.

Still others employ some very creative and unusual ways to name their children. And really, as long as they end up with a name that's not too far out there, then it's really not about the journey in this case, but about the destination -- settling on a name your child will carry for life. Here are five of the most creative ways we've seen people name their children lately.

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nonmember avatar erica

My middle child's name would have probably been "I don't want a brother"if I had let my daughter decide.

RiotP... RiotPixie

I turned to movies/TV to pick the boy name for the baby I'm carrying. I'm 32 weeks and we literally just decided a few days ago. I was on a Scrubs marathon on Netflix, then watched The Untouchables. The name Eliot became emblazoned in my mind and I fell in love with it.

Freela Freela

My son wanted to name our youngest child "Pimpy."  He said it was equally good for a boy or a girl!  Good thing he didn't have final say!

Shandi80 Shandi80

LOL, Erica and Freela. I kinda love that list in the picture. I think I'm partial to "Oops" and "Sofa Agreement".

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

My parents almost let me pick my younger sister's name. I had picked Jodi( after a family friend/ babysitter I loved ) but the ended up last minute picking something else.

Kediset Kediset

not quite outrageous, but if I have kids and get a daughter, I'm naming her after my Lord of the Rings Online character o-o Name was a randomnized one too, since I couldn't think of one suitable for an elf o: it's not a bad one though, and not too outlandish. I just hope it doesn't mean something bad in another language o-o

ratch... ratchetlee

I allowed my then 4 year old name her sister.... she wanted either Hindi or Sarah!  LOL!  So her sisters name is Sarah!  :-)

MomOwl MomOwl

we did the list thing on the chalkboard in our kitchen... The one that we all liked but would never really pick was.... Hans Olo

Pimpy would be a cute nickname ;)

Sunsh... Sunshine71980

We flipped through the baby name book and wrote down EVERY name we liked as a first name down an excel spreadsheet and every name we liked as a middle across an excel spreadsheet.  We ended up with 2500+ combinations!   We then rated them 1-50 both across and down and let the spreadsheet move the ones we both liked the most to the top left of the spreadsheet.  Then opening a new sheet we rated the top 10....this took 4 days but we both really like the name we ended up with.

Janie Bird Boulware

No. 3 is very sweet but, yes, if her brothers had named her, my grand-daughter Emma Rain, would be Lightbulb Kittycat.

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