Woman Should Be Fined for Giving Birth on Plane & Inconveniencing Passengers

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airplaneMost of us have to admit we've done some pretty inconsiderate things while pregnant. I confess to sending my husband out in the dead of winter on more than one occasion in pursuit of a certain brand and flavor of frozen yogurt. 

But when your irresponsible actions could potentially hurt your baby -- not to mention piss off and put out hundreds of people -- well, shame on you. Take, for example, this woman who lied about her pregnancy and gave birth on an airplane. What was she thinking?

An Arik Air flight en route from Nigeria to London had to make an emergency landing in Spain on Sunday because a woman on board was in labor and giving birth while the plane was airborne. Fortunately for the mom, whose name hasn't been released, two doctors on board came to her rescue. Both mom and baby are fine, but the drama is far from over. The airline is now looking into the very real possibility that the woman's doctor provided her with a false medical report that lied about the duration of her pregnancy!

You may recall that, among other rules like not eating sushi and drinking loads of wine, women over 32 weeks pregnant are prohibited from flying. And this is a perfect example of why -- what if a complication had occurred while this woman gave birth and she was unable to take care of it while 32,000 feet in the air? Whatever her reasons for doing something so mindless, the bottom line is that she put her health and the health of her baby at risk

Oh, and let's not forget that she also inconsiderately cost hundreds of other passengers their time and, possibly, money. Who knows how many of those passengers had connecting flights that they missed in London because of this woman? If her doctor must pay some kind of penalty for providing false medical documents, I feel she should also be held accountable for putting herself and her baby at risk, while disrupting the lives of others. 

Do you think this woman should pay a penalty for her actions or do you think the 32-week fly cut-off is just ridiculous? 

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Shannon Brinkly

or, you know, maybe she was well below 32 weeks and gave birth prematurely? that seems to happen alot, and more and more often these days. maybe that mother and baby are in the hospital, fighting for their lives, at this very moment, while you're being a vicious, judgemental twit.

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

Yeah I would've gotten upset about people being mad about it, babies are born when they choose to be born, life happens...but then I read how far along she was!  Unless the doctor genuinely miscalcuated her due date, there is no reason for that, and if that's the case, shame on her for endangering her child and herself!

Lilit... Lilith.23

^ agreed

nonmember avatar Shan

Hey judgemental asshat, i was given a due date with my first daughter that was 6 weeks earlier then she was born! They only figured it out because i had an emergency ultrasound at 7 months and the realized i was not almost due. Mistakes do happen especially in countries where medical care isn't as good as over here in america! Also, she was leaving a country where she quite possibly could have been fleeing horrible abuse or trying to save her unborn child from unspeakable rape and torture. Wow some of the stir writers make me sick.

Carlye Nabers

....or maybe this woman was just trying to give her baby a better chance at a good life...maybe she didnt have many opportunities in nigeria..im sure she didnt plan on giving birth mid-flight, and yes, that inconvenienced people, but i believe she did it so her child would have more opportunities as a citizen of the EU

youth... youthfulsoul

I don't think you are forbidden to travel after 32 weeks its just recommended. So while she inconvenienced everyone, I'm sure she didn't anticipate giving birth on the plane. So really, just get over it.

JessL... JessLogansMommy

Do these bloggers read the articles that they cite? They haven't determined if she was lying or gave birth prematurely.  

adamat34 adamat34

As a nurse. It is strongly discouraged to fly.after 32 weeks. Blood clots in the legs and premature labor is a very real factor. Im assuming this woman was uneducated to this fact. Could be she wanted to.give her baby a better life. Please ladies, stay on the ground. Its better for everyone.

silve... silverdawn99

ahhh yes she knew she was going to give birth and how do we know why she needed to fly?

judgemental much?

Kim Hunn Budnick

This is why I hate thestir. You don't even bother to read or even try to understand the story your are blogging about. But like a bad car accident, I can't help but look.

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