Gwen Stefani's Baby 'Girl' Could Be a Big Disappointment

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Gwen StefaniIt came as kind of a surprise when the news broke that 43-year-old Gwen Stefani is pregnant with baby number three, but we couldn't be happier for her!

She's such a cool mom and she's so devoted to her two sons, Kingston and Zuma. She'll definitely be amazing when her third little one makes his or her entrance in the next few months.

And speaking of "him or her," supposedly Gwen told friends she's hoping for a girl, because "it's always been her dream."

Aww. Isn't that pretty much every woman's dream at one point or another? For as long as I can remember, I always pictured myself as the mom of a daughter. I could see myself brushing her hair, dressing her up in all sorts of adorable little outfits, playing tea party, shopping for her prom dress. I'd better shut up now before I get any crazy ideas about having another kid.

I couldn't be happier with my son, and I'm most definitely on the one-and-done plan -- but I totally understand where Gwen is coming from.

As the mom of two boys, it would almost be strange for her not to fantasize about having a little girl -- but if she's really telling friends she's hoping for pink in her future, she might want to make it a point to stay tight-lipped from here on out. OMG. She's SO going to jinx herself by wishing for a girl and wind up with another little boy. (That's just the way it works.)

It might not be a great idea for Gwen to get too attached to the idea. She might feel her heart sink a little if her "dream" doesn't come true. And then she'll feel guilty about it for years to come. Trust me. I know.

When I was pregnant, I was convinced I was having a girl. I thought about her all the time. I even had her name picked out. (Kaitlin.) I was so confident, in fact, that I almost went out and bought a bunch of girl clothes, but luckily I decided to wait until after my 20-week ultrasound.

And I'll never forget the moment when the ultrasound lady told me I was expecting a baby boy. I can't lie -- I got in the car and called my mom sobbing. But not because I wasn't excited or didn't love him -- I'd just gotten way too attached to the baby girl that I would never wind up having. It was like saying goodbye to her in a weird way.

Hopefully Gwen will keep an open mind and know that she'll have the baby she's supposed to have, whether it's another son or the daughter she's always wished for. A happy and healthy little one is all that really matters anyway.

Did you hope for one sex over the other?


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katem... katemckenzie

I've heard that once you have 2 kids of one sex, your chances of having the 3rd be the opposite gender goes down to like, 10%.

Cleme... Clemency3

I love my daughter..and will love my other daughter once she is born...but my son is so much easier. I never "dreamed" about having a little girl. but that is just me. I know how females can be and it was never a dream of mine to raise one..and now I am going to raise two lol. 

Nurse... Nursekelly1980

I knew what I was having as soon as I was pregnant with all three of mine, even though no one believed me. Lol so I didn't have any chance to be disappointed.

And my boyfriend had two girls and we have a son now.

there... theresaphilly

One minute I wanted a boy, then a girl, but when my water broke and those contractions started, I just wanted that baby out!!

Patti Sawyer

As the mom of five boys, I can honestly say it wasns't until the fifth that I hoped for a girl only because I knew it would be my last. Alas, another boy for us. But we adopted an older girl and I couldn't be happier. 

lmh84 lmh84

Ummmm.... I'm pretty sure she'd be thankful either way. I have 2 boys and I am pregnant with a girl this time. Although words can never explain how excited I am, I'd still be just as happy with another boy.

Tiffany Gilbert

I'm sure she's smart enough to have hopes for one gender, but not to get crushed when it doesn't happen. She has 2 already and is clearly happy. And just because you hope for a girl and tell people you do doesn't mean that you'll have a boy hahaha! That's just silly! I lucked out with this second pregnancy and am having a girl and that's what I hoped for, since this is our last. Although I would be perfectly happy being a boy mom...I just pray for a healthy baby!

nonmember avatar smiley

i find it a little offensive that it'd be weird for a woman to not want a girl- I'm pregnant with my second boy and everyone assumed i want a girl when i would love a houseful of boys. not every woman is the same

Kambeea Kambeea

I'm having my 4th boy tomorrow

nonmember avatar michaela

I have 2 girls but my oldest is from a previous reltionship and my second I'm still with her dad. But I want a boy next . And he has a son from a previous relationship and a one year old daughter with me .!!!!! So hoping we will get our boy .

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