Mom Gives Birth to Quintuplets & Their Names Are Double the Fun (VIDEO)

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A couple from Las Vegas experienced the miracle of birth times five last week, when they welcomed quintuplets into their family -- who believe it or not, were conceived naturally. Yep, that's right! No fertility drugs. Nothing. Nada.

But I probably should mention that multiples do run in the family for Deon and Evonne Derrico, which is evident considering they also have four other children -- two of whom are twins.

The quints are still in the neonatal intensive care unit and are expected to remain there for another month or so. But Deon reports that they are doing fine and expressed how excited and blessed he and Evonne are with the new additions to their family.

And to keep in line with tradition, the couple gave each one of their new babies, two boys and three girls, a name beginning with the letter "D."

In the order in which they came into this world, the newborns are called Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician, and Daiten.

Aww. It's so cute that their names have a theme and that they share the "D" with their older siblings as well. But it has to be tough at times to tell multiples apart as it is, so I'm guessing these parents are in for a bit of a challenge once they bring the new babies home!

Come on -- admit it. How many times have you called one of your kids by the wrong name? It happens to the best of us, so we can only imagine how hectic things can get when you have nine kids in the house -- including one set of twins and a set of quints -- all with names that look and sound very much alike!

But it sounds like Deon and Evonne are 100 percent up for the lifestyle change of parenting nine children instead of just four. I think Deon summed up their sentiments best by simply saying, "I feel very honored that God chose us."

Wow. What a beautiful way to view the miracle of those five little lives -- as a gift, not a challenge. I think Deon is right -- God definitely picked the right parents for these babies.

Congratulations to this amazing family!

You can hear more about the quints in this video clip.


Do you think it's sweet that they gave all of the babies a "D" name?


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nonmember avatar Ashley

Those aren't names. It's a bunch of random letters slapped together. Poor kids :(


Beautiful babies...but I was having a hard time pronouncing the names--very unique

PerkyMe PerkyMe

God Bless the proud parents and their beautiful babies!!!!   @Ashley ... I'm sure you were not in the parents thoughts when they named THEIR babies....get over it and get a life.

Taisie Taisie

Wow,  4 pregnancies equal 9 kids, amazing! congratulations to them :)

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I can't figure out how to say those names either :/

Lauren Smith

here comes another reality show... congrats otherwise

Daltina Ackerman

pretty cool names and very beautiful, excuse me and handsome babies congrats

Natalie Frisbie

I've always thought that it's stupid to give your kids names that are so close.  Whether they're multiples or not, each kid is different and deserves his or her very own name.


nonmember avatar Nunya

I'm with Ashley, the names are hideous, but I think the bigger issue here is the number of children this couple has. They already had four. I mean, COME ON!!! Get your freakin tubes tied already! I'm sure it's not a problem for them, though, since they are living off welfare. Smh

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