10 Things Not to Say to a Mom Who's Had a Hospital Birth

giving birth in a hospitalWhen I was pregnant, I had one thought in mind: which hospital do I want to have my baby in? Home birth wasn't an option.

It's not because I think home birthers are crazy granola types who are risking their babies' lives. Anything but. Home birth is a great option. For some moms.

But as a mother who lives nearly 45 minutes from her closest -- rural -- hospital, it wasn't viable for me. If something were to go wrong, it would be 45 agonizing minutes in the car to get to the medical center, and it doesn't even have a NICU!


Good reason, right?

So here's the thing. I respect home birthing moms for their choices. Is it too much to ask that home birthing moms lay off the judgment for moms like me?

To accept that it's to each their own?

Here's just a sampling of some of the things some home birthing moms (not all, just the judgy ones!) have said to moms who went the hospital route:

1. Aren't you worried someone will steal the baby?

2. I feel so sorry for you. [With a look of pity]

3. I chose to have my baby in a pure, beautiful place.

4. Didn't you see The Business of Being Born?

5. You are just ASKING to be forced into a C-section.

6. Sorry, but you can't call that natural birth.

7. I can't imagine having such a beautiful event in such a sterile, hostile environment.

8. Quoting infant mortality rates.

9. Women's bodies have been doing this for years; do you think you're special or something?

10. Don't you trust your own body?

Come on folks, can't we all get along?

Hospital mamas, do you feel judged by your home birthing buds?


Image via bradleygee/Flickr

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