30 Names That Will Make Your Baby Sound Like a Genius

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smart babyIf you're like me, when you get the list of classmates for your child's school year, it's a big deal. You look through it for anyone they might know, and then you look at the other children's names and start imagining the children to whom they belong.

Some names sound fun (Trixie, for example), and some sound like they belong to troublemakers (Harley, perhaps), and I wonder which ones will soon become names I hear each day as my children befriend them. Most of all, though, some names just sound smart. I imagine these kids being the brainy ones who will have their hands in the air with all the answers and soar to the top of the class. 

Of course, I'm usually completely off base when I actually meet the children who are nothing like I imagined them based on their names alone. Still, names do deliver a first impression, whether on a preschool classroom roster or on a resume when looking for a job. If you want a smart-sounding name for your child, then here are 30 to consider.

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1. Josephine

2. Eleanor

3. Judith

4. Elizabeth

5. Constance

6. Martha

7. Laura

8. Barbara

9. Bryn

10. Nora

11. Olivia

12. Beatrice

13. Frances

14. Catherine

15. Alice


1. Arthur

2. Cornelius

3. Theodore

4. Walter

5. Clifford

6. Sebastian

7. David

8. Clinton

9. Rhodes

10. Stuart

11. Berkeley

12. Albert

13. Edwin

14. Conrad

15. Felix

What names would you add to this list?

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RiotP... RiotPixie

The name I've picked out for my unborn son is David.

the4m... the4mutts

Gross. Those names sound out of date, not smart.

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

Bryn sounds like a stripper.

lulou lulou

Your list isnt very diverse.

Anyway, I associate smart with inventive, so went to take a look at ip databases, and pumped that it sounded like a woman (kia)  was at the top of one list, but its a guy.

ankharra ankharra

I like the name Eleanor.  It means "shining light" in Greek.  A pretty name.

adopt... adoption2013

The name isn't going to make your kid smart.  Try reading to them and working with them.  I'll take this for the fluff piece that it is.  I will say that the mindset of parents and their maturity level may be indicated by the names they choose.  That may grant some veracity to this.  However, my daughter was given a lovely old fashioned Name (I'm old so I like old fashioned. ) by her birthmother who is a crackhead.  You never know.

Kate Gardner

These don't sound "smart" to me. I work at a nursing home, and when I started reading this lost, I just thought that these names sound like they belong to old people!

nonmember avatar Megan

None of these names are very modern. These kids will probably dislike there names when there older. What sounds smart about the name Felix? The two Felix' I know one is a drug dealer in our community, an one is a Mexican thug!!! I think what makes a name beautiful is when it has a meaning behind it!

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