30 Names That Will Make Your Baby Sound Like a Genius

smart babyIf you're like me, when you get the list of classmates for your child's school year, it's a big deal. You look through it for anyone they might know, and then you look at the other children's names and start imagining the children to whom they belong.

Some names sound fun (Trixie, for example), and some sound like they belong to troublemakers (Harley, perhaps), and I wonder which ones will soon become names I hear each day as my children befriend them. Most of all, though, some names just sound smart. I imagine these kids being the brainy ones who will have their hands in the air with all the answers and soar to the top of the class. 

Of course, I'm usually completely off base when I actually meet the children who are nothing like I imagined them based on their names alone. Still, names do deliver a first impression, whether on a preschool classroom roster or on a resume when looking for a job. If you want a smart-sounding name for your child, then here are 30 to consider.


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1. Josephine

2. Eleanor

3. Judith

4. Elizabeth

5. Constance

6. Martha

7. Laura

8. Barbara

9. Bryn

10. Nora

11. Olivia

12. Beatrice

13. Frances

14. Catherine

15. Alice


1. Arthur

2. Cornelius

3. Theodore

4. Walter

5. Clifford

6. Sebastian

7. David

8. Clinton

9. Rhodes

10. Stuart

11. Berkeley

12. Albert

13. Edwin

14. Conrad

15. Felix

What names would you add to this list?

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