Kate Middleton Made a Funny Rookie Mom Move Before Giving Birth

kate middletonKate Middleton and I have more in common than I thought. We're both married to princes. We both sunbathe topless in the south of France. And we both totally thought we'd be concerned with the silliest things after giving birth while we were still pregnant. Okay, I'm just kidding about those first two things, but get this: Kate Middleton reportedly had her hairdresser on standby for an entire month before she gave birth to Prince George. Like, she thought she was going to really care who coiffed those shiny locks after laboring for god knows how many hours and subsequently pushing a baby out of her royal lady part.

Oh, Kate. I've been saying we should get together for a while now. Now we really need to.

When I was still pregnant, for whatever reason, I had this slight obsession with "taking a shower" after giving birth. I don't know how it started or where it came from, but I kept thinking I would need to do this after labor and delivery. I asked my doula about it when I was meeting with her one day, and I could tell she was caught slightly off guard, but, being the awesome person that she is, she instructed me that I'd probably be able to do so if I really wanted to.

Of course when the time came, taking a shower was positively the furthest thing from my mind. When I think about that tidbit from my pregnancy, I find it both hilarious and ... weird. The thing is, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn't know anything about being a mom, because, well, I wasn't one. I thought the things that pre-baby Nicole were concerned with (showers, apparently) were things post-baby Nicole would be concerned with. How wrong I was.

Of course Kate Middleton needed to get her hair done before her first public appearance. She would have caused a media frenzy if she would have rolled out of the hospital, her hair in a bun and in sweatpants. (And she is representing the royal family.) But I think even she'd admit now that having a specific person on call for an entire month beforehand was probably a bit much.

Now, seriously, Kate, when are we hanging out?

Was there anything you thought you'd want after giving birth that seems crazy to you now?


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kate middleton


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nonmember avatar Holly

I didn't really have anything before hand like that, but I DID shower shortly after giving birth and it felt wonderful

nonmember avatar Cass

Uhm. You aren't a royal- she should have her hairdresser on standby! If my options were to hire a hairdresser or potentially have a photo leaked that would then be used to insult me all over the Internet? You'd better believe I'd have the hairdresser on speed dial.

nonmember avatar Johnie

Thats funny bc thats the first thing i wanted to do as soon as he was born well right after i ate something. going that long with out eating or showering for me SUCKED. i couldnt of course bc i had an epidural and you cant stand by yourself. I begged and begged for one. It wasnst bc i had to look good i felt nasty i dont like feeling sweaty and nasty and i was all sorts of that. I had to wait until next am to do so and it was the BEST shower EVER.

schlis schlis

Funny. After both of my births I desperately wanted a shower. But since they were c sections I had to wait a few days.

Keri Lynn Kelley

I had such a terrible experience when I had my son (oldest 1 ) I was relativly unable to move after words I was pale as all hell but the worst part was No one would even comb or brush my hair * couldn't do it myself too weak to sit up so all my pictures of that time I look liek the night of the living dead. I am probibly more obsessed with showering after my kids then before I used to shower 1 time a day Now I bathe or shower at least 2 times if not more


Cheryl Hill

the only thing I remember is I thought I could finally sleep on my stomach again. the only problem was I had a c~section & it totally hurt like crazy to do that. I had trouble rolling back over on to my  back because I was alone in the room & I couldn't reach the nurse call button to get help. didn't try that again till I got home 5 days later.


Shanna Koenigsdorf Ward

I'm glad that we can feel proud of simply taking a shower. Imagine the pressure that she felt. I hope that she has people around her that she can trust.

Jennifer L.F. Bader

Omg, I bought expensive and comfy nursing gowns after I had my twins and of course packed them for the hospital...I had a C-section and all I know is I only wanted to be in shitty hospital attire because I was bleeding and oozing from every part of my body. My favorite item from the hospital was the giant throw away granny panties that I could totally trash....no one ever told me how disgusting you will be in the days after giving birth!

Brenda Kalmbach

I showered as soon as possible after giving birth to both of my boys.  I needed it to feel as close to normal as I could get after 13 hours of labor with my first and 6 hours of labor with my second.  However, when I left the hospital, I was dressed as comfortably as possible which meant sweats, an old t-shirt and my haired pulled into a pony tail. 

nonmember avatar gsmomma

when i packed my bag for the hospital i made the mistake of packing my pretty panies. you know bc i didnt want to risk anyone seeing my old not so pretty one lol. no one told me how gross child birth was and i was so unprepared for it all! up until that point in my life i had never even seen an uncensored video of childbirth! what a shock i had!

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