'DWTS' Anna Trebunskaya Is Pregnant & You're Probably Wondering Who the Dad Is ...

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anna trebunskayaIf you were sad, mad, and bewildered as to why Anna Trebunskaya isn't joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars this season, here's something that may ease your pain: She's pregnant! Trebunskaya is four months along with her first child. She split with her husband of nine years, fellow DWTS castmember Jonathan Roberts, last year; she's yet to reveal who the "very supportive" baby daddy is. But who cares? She's pregnant!

Twenty bucks says Anna's kid comes samba-ing out of her lady parts. With a feather boa and itty-bitty tap shoes! Awww!

Trebunskaya told Us Weekly that the pregnancy came as a complete surprise. "It wasn't planned, but when it happened, I thought, 'This is perfect -- I'm ready to be a mom. This is something really good for me and fulfilling, and it'll give me a whole new meaning in life.' I'm really looking forward to it." She also admitted to being bummed out that she'd miss this season of DWTS, but plans on coming back the following season, along with her new addition. "I'm looking forward to getting back into shape and dancing and bringing the baby on board into the DWTS family!" she said.

Congrats to Anna and whoever this mystery man is! I'm sure she'll make a wonderful mom. And now that all well wishes are out of the way, seriously, who's the dad?

Are you surprised by Anna's pregnancy?

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Peggy Gutierrez

congratulations are in order for anna.we will mis you on dwts.but hope to see you next season.we are big fans of dwts.

Winnie Chapman Richards

I am disappointed in her for being one more unwed mother. Children need both parents. I am so sick of everyone saying it is ok to have a child alone and un married.

Candy Minor

So sorry to hear she and Johathan broke up.  They danced so beautifully together.  Hope she has a healthy baby, but having a dad to help raise the child would be good for both of them.

Michael Rocker

Winnie technically she is still married it's just that she is having some other mans baby who is not her husband.

Kaye Blackford

I assumed the daddy was her husband until I read this. So sorry to hear of the breakup. And, so sorry this baby will be brought into a broken home. Babies are blessings from God--precious.

Nancy Moreno

Very Very SURPRISED !!!!!!!!!!

Sandy Mullican


Marjie Lewis

Happy to hear she is keeping the baby... but it will be so hard to be a single mom and raise the baby with no father. Children do best in 2-parent homes!

Elizabeth Martin

Didn't know she and Jonathan had separated. I never cared for him all that much. He seemed really stuffy.

Tig Tiger

If you really have nothing nice to say , zip it ! noone knows the circumstances and personally its none of our business . CONGRATS Anna !

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