Wife Tells Marine Husband She’s Pregnant in Most Adorable Way (VIDEO)

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militaryWhat could possibly be more exciting than being reunited with your Marine husband after his at-sea period? Oh, I know! Getting to tell him you're pregnant in a super adorable, super creative way -- and getting his epic reaction on tape!

You have to check out this incredibly touching video of a military wife surprising her husband with the news that they're expecting a baby. Oh, and the onesie apparently says "Daddy's Hero" on it. You'll know what I'm talking about after you watch.

Check it out:


Is this great or what? Love that this woman did this -- and positively love her husband's awesome reaction. Congrats, you guys!

How adorable is this?!


Image via kelseyjulian/YouTube



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Renee... ReneeN1979

May they all come home, and to such great news.

villa... villagemamma

Very sweet. (i guess depending on how long you had been gone lol)

Crims... CrimsonRadiance

Cute! congrats to them! I love his reaction!

One thing though.. the way you stated this.. sounds funny. He was away, and just came home and she's telling him she's pregnant? confused How long was he gone? Was it a short trip? Do you get where I'm going with this?

Ashley Langlois

CrimsonRadiance, he was on at sea period for 2 weeks, getting ready to leave for deployment. If you go to youtube it clears up, baby will be here when he gets home from deployment.

Cooki... CookiePwnz

This is so sweet!

harym... harymarshman

His reaction is awesome!! He's so excited, it's precious!

lady_... lady_kira

People that have to scratch their heads over this are so annoying, obviously he must have had some leave time at some point or he wouldn't be super excited. It's not that hard to figure out. What a cute video. 

Sekirei Sekirei


missy... missybest

That is wonderful!  How special!  Wish my baby's father had reacted like that or something like it.  Of course, he is now my ex.  I missed special moments.  Younger ladies, be careful that you find a really caring man like this one to marry and have babies with.

Loved it!  What a special couple!  Best wishes to them both - and the baby of course!

missy... missybest

crimson - Wow, what a sad mind you have to attempt to make this something sordid.  I feel really sorry for you.  Is it possible for you to experience joy for yourself or others without trying to make it into some sordid thing?  Wow, just wow!

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