Baby Decides Mom's Choice of Hospital Birth Wasn't a Good Idea

expecting mothers parking spotYou could have what you think is an iron-clad birth plan. Maybe you have a doula and midwife and hypnobirthing plan. Perhaps you are ready for an epidural while wearing a hospital gown. But we all know that babies have their own birth plan. A plan we know nothing about.

Just like the kid who clearly wanted a Slurpee as their first drink and decided to be born outside of a 7-Eleven, Sheila Wallace's baby wanted nothing to do with a hospital or even home birth.


This baby wanted to stand out. The 31-year-old mother gave birth in the parking lot of the hospital. She arrived at St. Joseph's in Chippewa Falls, WI, at around 11 a.m. after having contractions in the morning. Her water broke at home but she wanted to get to the hospital. Luckily Sheila's mom Roxanne Dachel was with her. Husband Raleigh was at work. 

Sheila's words to her mom during that drive to the hospital were: "We’re fine mom. We’re not going to have this kid in the car." Baby girl McKenzie knew that was true, too. She wanted to be born outside the car. As soon as grandma parked and Sheila stepped out, she felt the urge to push and baby made her entrance. Grandma ran into the hospital to get help as Sheila birthed the baby right into her own arms. 

Within seconds it seemed everyone arrived. Nurses and doctors and proud papa Raleigh, all crowded around the car in the parking lot.

Sheila really believed she had more time. She has three kids already and with all of them she labored for at least four hours at this very same hospital. Not for baby McKenzie though. Her plan was quite different.

Mom and baby are doing fantastic! Congrats to the family and way to go McKenzie on your successful birth plan.

What do you think of this story? Do you think babies have their "own plan"?


Image via Greg Dunlap/Flickr

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