Woman's 'Appendicitis' Turns Out to Be a Miracle Baby (VIDEO)

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Teresa Brown and baby

A 37-year-old woman from New York unexpectedly became a mom a few days ago. She gave birth to a surprise baby boy -- after being rushed to the hospital with horrible abdominal pain.

Teresa Brown believed she had appendicitis or gall stones, and after undergoing blood work at the hospital, she was told that she was pregnant and was actually in labor. She welcomed baby Andrew a mere 45 minutes later, who weighed in at 4 pounds, 12 ounces and is healthy, despite being born two weeks early and having no prenatal care.

And I know you've heard plenty of stories about women who didn't know they were pregnant and have probably wondered how in the heck they didn't realize there was a baby growing inside of them.

Well, in Teresa's case, she had no reason to believe that pregnancy was a possibility, because 15 years ago doctors told her that she'd never be able to have kids.

Huh. Guess it's safe to say they were wrong.

Take a look at this video to hear more about Teresa's birth story.

OMG. Can you imagine how shocked she must have been when she learned she was about to become a parent? I mean, if you'd been told that you were infertile -- would it ever cross your mind that you might be expecting a baby?

It's also interesting how Teresa reported her cycles being normal throughout the pregnancy, and only having a 10-pound weight gain. Those two factors coupled with the "you can't have kids thing" is definitely enough to throw anyone off.

(Holy sh&%. Some women still have their period even though they're pregnant? Guess we can't always rely on that as a sign that we're not expecting. Nuts.)

But even though her baby Andrew wasn't exactly part of the plan, it's obvious that she's overjoyed to have him and that she's really embracing being a mom. I guess some things in life are just meant to be -- even when you never dreamed they were possible.

Do you think this pregnancy was easy to miss, given the circumstances of Teresa's case?


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nonmember avatar Erin

Anyone else tired of this excuse......you have so many body.changes when pregnant. I think these women are desperate for attention.......I call BS on not knowing your pregnant.

Christina Falconer

i don't know, i suppose anything is possible, i mean if you were told you couldn't have kids it would probably be the last thing from your mind, so who knows?? 

monke... monkeymom1104

Most women have body changes, some have none or small ones they contribute to other things. Working OB for years I seen women who had term babies who hardly looked pregnant and those who delivered preterm who measured large. Hormones vary and not every women feels every ache and pain or feels every slight movement. Pregnancy is psychological for a lot of woman and that makes symptoms worse.

lindy... lindylouwho

Do you not see or feel the baby kicking?  I had an alien in my stomach when I was pregnant!  I have video of me lying down and you can see my stomach moving all over the place.  Surely others can see and feel their baby move too?!  I can't be alone in that regard.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I was told I couldn't have kids. I started feeling weird not sick but just different, my best friend showed up with a test and told me she knew I was pregnant turned out I was. When I went to the doctors I was 16weeks. I get the not thinking its not possible, but still I don't know how you don't feel kicking my son was a HELL of a kicker

Kasi Boo

I didn't know until i was 4-5 months with two of mine but pastthat point no possible way to not know...

nonmember avatar Tracy

I believe anything is possible, I have talked to doctors who say that you can't have a period while you are pregnant, well they apparently have no clue because yes it happens. I don't know about anyone else but I conceived my daughter on the 3rd day of my period, another thing that I have been told by doctors won't happen. I think that some of them have no clue about reproduction. I have been with my husband for just about 14 years, and I keep track of every time we have sex, and yet my doctor wouldn't believe my that I knew the exact date that I conceived, I also told him when I believed my due date was, I told him that my baby girl was gonna be born on or about March 12th 2013, according to the doctor and the nurses in the office they had my due date for April 1st, I went into labor about 10am of March 14th and had her that evening at 5:03pm. Doctors may think they know more because they read it all out of a text book, but I think we need them to sometimes look out of the box.

nonmember avatar Shirley Cooper

I believe it. I've been pregnant 5 times 1 miscarriage early on, but of the 4 pregnancies that went full term I can say they are all different. My last 1 I had irregular spotting but not a period and the pregnancy test was positive aside from that I wouldn't really have known I was pregnant. I mean a few light kicks here and there but it felt more like a muscle spasm than kicks. If it weren't for the positive test and seeing the ultrasounds I wouldn't have believed I was pregnant.

Kassi Maukstad

I've been told 3 times I couldnt have children. Currently expecting baby number 3. I had my period for the first 5 months with my oldest daughters. I dont know how you dont realize your pregnant. I knew within a month of my first two and with baby number 3  I knew within weeks of concieving, I hadnt even missed a period yet.

Audrey Bunch

Do NOT believe it!  I was/am a very small person had two one was 6 wks early the second 4 wks early.  I knew I was pregnant!  Babies move, and kick so hard they wake you up from a sound sleep!  No way that baby didn't move or kick!  She knew!

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