Finally a Home Pregnancy Test That Tells You How Far Along You Are

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Clearblue easy pregnancy testLike most moms, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I took a pregnancy test and got a positive result. The moment was so exciting and a bit surreal. As soon as I processed the fact that I was pregnant, one very important question ran through my head -- "When is my baby due?"

Well, would you believe there's actually a new pregnancy test that tells you how far along you are along with confirming whether or not you're expecting?

I know -- SO cool. It's called the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test With Weeks Estimator, and using two test strips instead of one, it'll estimate whether you are one to two, two to three, or more than three weeks preggo.

I never knew this, but the hCG hormone that's present in pregnant women starts to decline after about 11 weeks into pregnancy. Based on how much hormone is present in your system, the test can give a range of just how pregnant you are.

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But wait -- don't go rushing out to get one of these things at the drug store just yet, unless you happen to live in Europe. The tests aren't on shelves in the states at this point, though they will be available starting on September 1. (Woo-hoo! Not that I'll ever need one, but still -- it's exciting for women who will.)

Unless you've been diligently charting your cycle, it can be pretty tough to know exactly when you conceived, especially if you're doing the deed like crazy in the hopes of getting pregnant. (Most couples are, right?)

I remember being on pins and needles wanting to know every last detail about the tiny baby growing inside of me. My bubble was totally burst when I called the doctor and they told me not to come in for a few more weeks. At least if this test had been available, I would've had a better idea of when my little guy would show up!

This test is such a major win for moms-to-be, and I just can't imagine any woman out there not wanting to choose this one over the standard tests when deciding which one to purchase. If you're going to shell out a decent amount of cash for something you're going to pee on, shouldn't it tell you as much information as possible? (I sure think so. This test rocks.)

Will you buy one of these the next time you need a pregnancy test?


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schlis schlis

What a joke. Hcg levels varey so much from one woman to another, even from one pregnancy to another, that there is no way that this can be accurate.

nonmember avatar tayla

No it really does work, dont know why its only being posted now as for australia they have been out for almost 2 years. You dont have to test in the morning for a result and tells exactly how far along you are. I tested at night it was positive said 1-2 weeks since conception which was correct then tested again to see if it was correct and I got the 3+ and I was at 4 weeks :) best $20 I spent I stead off squinting to find lines on a test.

nonmember avatar Cass

It can also help you misdiagnose an hcG deficiency (which can cause you to lose the fetus). You're better off seeing your doctor.

nonmember avatar Bree

Don't really see how it is worth the cost unless your cycle isn't very regular. If it is it will be prety easy to determine your due date based on that. It is how I determined both my due dates and when the first ultrasound happened the dates were only 3 days off for my first and one day off for my second.
So cool idea but for the price not something I will ever be investing in!!

nonmember avatar Jenn

I thought this type of test was already on the market. I have a distinct memory of having seen commercials for (at least) something similar.

nonmember avatar myopinion10

I don't get what the big deal is. Just because this thing estimates how far along you are doesn't mean your not going to go the doctor for pre natal care. So if your going to the doctor anyways, they can just tell you how far along you are, rather than paying 2x for pregnancy tests?

caleb... calebsmama12312

My mom gave me this little circular chart thing when I found out I was pregnant before I went to the drs. It had a calendar on it and arrows & stuff. You pointed the arrow to your last period & then it estimated your due date. I think most ob/gyns carry them. It was completely accurate. This test is still a pretty exciting step in technology though. Most tests are pretty expensive anyway so I would most likely try it.

MomOf... MomOf2winsPlus1

I live in Canada. When I got pregnant with our daughter (early 2010), I had one that told me I was 9+ weeks pregnant. I was 12 weeks when I first saw the Dr. (I had been taking prenatal vitamins before I got pregnant--just incase--so it was no big deal.)

Gretchen Staley

I think that it is just crazy how far technology has come but at the same time due dates as just estimated dates NOT expiration dates. It is just another way for mainstream society to push inductions besides that hCg vary from woman to woman. I'm not planning to ever have anymore children but, I definitely would waste my money on this. I believe a baby will come when s/he is ready and intervention should only be used in extreme life-threatening cases.

nonmember avatar Tiffany

due dates are just an estimate regardless of how you find them. the traditional due date of 40 weeks is a joke in and of itself - it assumes all women ovulate on day 14 of their cycle and most women do not. that's why only 5% of babies are born naturally on their due dates - they all need different amounts of time to 'bake' even if the dates are 100%, which only happens if you're charting. that's the problem with scheduling inductions or cesareans based on EDD's - they are wrong. Even ultrasounds are off and are not accurate for picking a date your baby needs to be born. Let the baby choose! Doctors and women themselves get so hung up on an incorrectly estimated date... what happens when this test doesn't line up with your LMP or your U/S which both give different dates as it is? This adds a third estimated date to the mix. Nice info to have I guess, but don't take it as gospel truth - nor the LMP date (which is the circular chart and typical way to find dates - assuming ovulation/conception is 14 days after LMP), nor the ultrasound date (which is based on the baby's size and all baby's grow at different rates).

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