22 Things You NEVER Say to a Mom About Her Baby Name

nameNaming a baby is not a job any parent should take lightly, and to their credit, most don't. But after days, weeks even of debating the right baby name, you can always count on SOMEBODY to take one look at your little darling and tell you how much they HATE the name you chose.

Come to think of it, you're lucky if that's all they say. Opinions, as they say, are like butts (OK, so usually people use a slightly stronger word) ... and people turn into the latter when they voice their opinion about your baby name!

Thinking about commenting on the moniker someone's chosen for their little one? How about striking these off your list:


1. It's all right, I am sure we'll find a cute nickname for him.

2. Huh. That sounds like a [insert racist term] name.

3. Don't be surprised when she starts working the pole

4. Why didn't you name them X?

5. Well, that's different, isn't it?

6. Aren't you afraid he's going to get picked on?

7. Are you SURE you want to name him X? X are always troublemakers.

8. You can still change it!

9. Nice nickname, but what's the real name?

10. You can't call her that, that's a boy's name (or vice versa).

11. That's a sissy name.

12. Arguing with a mom about the origin of a name (just because she named him Cullen doesn't mean she's a Twi-hard, folks).

13. Well, I expected something strange from you.

14. That's what we named our dog!

15. That's nice, but we just really chose normal names that would beget normal children.

16. Didn't you think about the awful nicknames she'll have (and then list them all)?

17. Finally a normal name! But why did you spell it so funny?

18. Laugh hysterically. 

19. Telling the mom an awful story about a person with that name.

20. That's so BORING.

21. But he doesn't LOOK like an X.

22. Oh, well I liked X better.

Have you ever said anything on this list? What's the most asinine thing anyone has said about your baby's name?


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Image by Jeanne Sager

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