Kate Middleton Steps Out for the First Time Since Giving Birth to Baby George (VIDEO)

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Kate MiddletonI think it's safe to say that most of us assumed she'd regain her slim figure fairly quickly after Prince George's birth -- but just wait until you see Kate Middleton's post-baby body, which is nothing short of ridiculously unbelievable.

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted doing a little grocery shopping (without her precious little prince in tow) in Anglesey. As you will see in the video below -- she's already back in her skinny jeans looking just as put together and perfect as ever.

You might want to sit down before viewing this clip. I almost fainted in awe when I saw it.

OMG. Seriously? Most of us can only dream of being that thin at any point in our lives, let alone a mere month after giving birth! There isn't one single ounce of baby weight on her, people!

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Ugh. How did she manage to get her body back so fast? Well, a source close to the Middleton family told Us Weekly, "Kate's still breastfeeding and the small weight she gained while pregnant has just melted off. She's not dieting. After giving birth, she did continue with her yoga."

Did you hear that? The weight melted off. And she's not dieting. And she's doing yoga. And grocery shopping alone. If I didn't know any better, I would think she's a princess.

Truthfully, if this were any other celebrity mom, we'd probably be seething with jealousy over how amazing her post-pregnancy figure is. But since it's Kate, we can't help but love her even more for going out and about and doing things normal moms do -- like shopping for groceries in jeans and flats with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. (At least that makes her seem a little more like us. Sort of. Not really. Ok, never mind.)

Are you surprised that Kate lost her baby weight so quickly?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Christina Falconer

breastfeeding does it! I'm telling you!! lol 

Marcela Blunck Bowidowicz

My mom was also a very small person when she had me, and within a month and a half was thinner than she was before she became pregnant. She did all of nothing. Sometimes genetics are just kick ass.

Cleme... Clemency3

no I am not surprised at all. She was already fit and slim to begin with so I expected this. When you have the money to provide all the right essentials for healthy meals for everyone and you can afford workouts and so forth then this should be expected. regardless..she is an all around beautiful woman inside and out and this isn't shocking at all. 

Elizabeth Sooyong Hwang

I am not suprised at all either. Why people care about royal young motherhood's clothing? It is her business and it depend on her what she wants to wear.

Tammy Skawinski

That's one of the reasons I respect her so much, she is down to earth and doesn't act like royalty. She does for herself and takes care of her own. Of course there are perks we don't have, she is a princess after all! But when it comes down to it, just like Lady Di, she is just plain lovable for just being herself

Kaymad41 Kaymad41

My first baby was 9 pounds 11 ounces.  I gained 22 pounds and two weeks after having her I lost the 22 pounds plus 10.  Guess what?  I didn't breast feed.  Oh the miracle of formula feeding.

Nunya... Nunyabusiness

Ugh! Breastfeeding did not do that for me! haha I always lost my baby weight after I stopped breastfeeding and remained pleasantly plump until then. Good for her though, she looks great!

nonmember avatar Dee

Nunyabusiness, I hear you there. I always thought it was just me! 10 months post delivery and I weighed a whopping 8 pounds less than I did at my one week follow up. Lil' man weaned and it just fell off. I was so sad that I didn't breastfeed my weight off like everyone said you would!

kryst... krystaldawn_21

No I'm not surprised. She is like my friend who is thin and my friend lost her baby weight really quickly as well. I think it was by week 3 she was already back to being slim. She didn't breastfeed though.

smuscia smuscia

Are you really that suprised, I mean, she didn't look like she gained all that much weight, she looked like she was mostly baby.  Plus, she was so sick at the beginning she probably lost weight before she started feeling better. So she probably was near her starting weight because of that.  Plus, breastfeed does do wonders!  My best friend lost 15 lbs in her first 20 weeks because she couldn't eat.  Luckily she is not tiny like Kate.

And I went grocery shopping alone all the time after I had my daughter.  My husband was home with me on my maternity leave (he is a stay at home dad) and would say "go, have an hour to yourself!"

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