Famous Model Says Pregnancy Is 'Gross' & She's Right

pregnantThere are a lot of lovely adjectives that describe pregnancy -- magical, miraculous, and joyous, to name a few. However, there's another less-lovely one that people often don't want to mention that describes it pretty well too though -- gross. Sorry, but it's true, and model Lisa D'Amato for one isn't afraid to tell it like is.

In a recent interview with People, the former star of America's Next Top Model got real about how difficult her pregnancy has been. She says while she's fortunate that it's a healthy pregnancy, it hasn't been all fun and games. She's still suffering from morning sickness at eight months, and she just wants her body back.

I'm usually feeling pretty bad but always trying to stay positive. When people say I'm glowing, I tell them it's because someone needs to put on the AC. That whole 'pregnancy glow' thing is a joke! There is nothing pretty about pregnancy except creating a life -- other than that I think it's pretty gross.

I would disagree that there's nothing pretty about pregnancy, because I do think there are some beautiful moments -- like hearing the heartbeat, and feeling the kicks, and just the knowledge that you are growing another human being inside you. But she's right about the gross part too, and sometimes they trump the beauty.

From peeing on pregnancy tests to internal ultrasounds, constipation, morning sickness, hemorrhoids, and after-birth, you can't argue that pregnancy isn't gross. Most people just don't want to come out and say it. But women should know that it's not all picture perfect, so D'Amato's honesty is refreshing.

While some women want to paint a picture of a perfect pregnancy of which they enjoy every minute, I doubt that's the case for almost anyone. And it's okay to talk about the hard stuff, complain even. It doesn't mean you're any less excited about your baby or will be any less of a mother. And you might as well get used to embracing the gross while you're pregnant, because let me tell you, kids are even grosser.

What parts of pregnancy did you find the grossest?

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Kate Cooley

Barfing wasn't fun. Nor was watcing ANTM when Lisa was on. She was scary-weird.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I loved being pregnant, both times... But I never had morning sickness or peed on myself or anything like that... My first pregnancy was super easy and Other than my gall bladder problems(which at times the pain was unbearable!) my 2nd pregnancy was pretty easy too.

nonmember avatar mon

i agree. i had super easy pregnancies and quick and easy drug free labors. i hated every second. i dont enjoy something taking up space in my body. i think a pregnant stomach is the grossiest thing ever. especially when people have outties.. I just have never understood whats so beautiful about pregnancy. dont get me started on the tacky maternity clothes!

ktobin2 ktobin2

I think just like all things, pregnancy has it's ups and downs. Getting fat, throwing up, losing sleep, etc. is no fun. However having the pregnancy glow, carrying your little angel, excitement, etc. is beautiful.

Faustinah Santiago

Don't worry, Lisa.  The best is yet to come.

Kate McFadden Kesilis

All of it. Hearing the heartbeat and feeling kicks is creepy, not beautiful.

pixie... pixiefunk

Um apparently I didn't get anything gross. Never threw up none of those other problems Postpartum was lighter than my normal period. Yep. 

Miranda Gualtieri


nonmember avatar Monx

Ironically, Lisa was the same ANTM that wore an adult diaper and peed in it in between shoots on a dare from one of the jackass guys.

nonmember avatar Jessica

Some parts gross, some parts weird, but overall (INMY OPINION) pregnancy is BEAUTIFUL! Everytime I see a pregnant women I don't say 'ew' I say 'aw'. I LOVED being pregnant! It was the most amazing feeling in the world to me and I LOVED how my body looked while I was pregnant, and so did my hubby. He could not keep his hands off of me and wanted to have sex every single day. He said I was the sexy while pregnant! I love everything about my pregnancy, my son's birth and my baby, SO SUCK IT! If you cant find even one thing beautiful about your pregnant body, then you don't deserve it! Selfish girls, not women, girls.

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